Panasonic DMR-BCT950 In The Test

We have the Blu-ray recorder Panasonic DMR BCT950 in the test. What is behind the hard disk recorder? The device class just call Panasonic Blu-ray recorder, but what is available technical options here, corresponds to the lower row rather in the data sheet: video home server. It no longer simply comes to record TV shows, they can watch them later or archive.

In addition to the skilful management of these recordings are devices such as the Panasonic DMR-BCT950 of course good Blu-ray disc, DVD and CD player, store but also music, photos and camcorder movies on their hard drives. The diverse networking capabilities also make it to media players (even in ultra-HD resolution and with high res audio) and upgrading an older TV HbbTV, as well as an Internet portal, that contains many video-on-demand services.

In return, the recorder provides his recordings and media content, even live TV in the network. The highlight is Panasonic’s service ‘TV anywhere’, in which the recorder and the app “Panasonic Media Center” (iPhone and Android) can be registered. He creates a connection between the devices, even though it is no longer in the local private network. Then, the recorder from afar can be programmed which he makes available its EPG data.

In addition, enjoy pictures and even live TV around the world. And because a good HD up to 14 megabits per second is broadcast and our DSL networks especially the upload bandwidth is not so optimal, can the content out of the Panasonic DMR-BCT950 and downsample (transcode), so that everything through the line fits. Overall, the sheer number of great media features that offer these top class recorder, is absolutely overwhelming.

At The Beginning Of The Recording Was

Facilities technically Panasonic can be when the new top model DMR-BCT950 of course no slouch himself. We test the cable TV version, which has built proud three tuners just like her brother, satellite, including two CI plus shafts to watch pay-TV. At the same time work up to three shots.Or single tuner send live TV by the way in the network and receive what you want to look at just. There are now brand new DVB-via-IP function.

According to photionary, the TV programs are offered not only as DLNA UPnP home server, but the Panasonic can supply complete tuner trains of some TVs or other recorder on the home network (preferably LAN) – in addition to picture and sound quality with EPG data, Teletext, subtitles, audio tracks, so everything had to provide the source. Practically, that special sat > IP apps on Smartphones and tablets then the program guide and top-quality stream.

Because it can absorb so much with the new Panasonic DMR-BCT950, also a properly large with two terabyte hard drive was integrated. Its almost a thousand hours HDTV capacity (ever after transmission bit rate) fill up faster than expected, mainly due to the superb Aufnahmetimerfunktionen. The Panasonic DMR-BCT950 supports not only the classical continuous shooting (daily, weekly, weekdays) and grabs the broadcasts in their own folder, it offers also a keyword search.

He finds a matching term in the item name or description, a timer is programmed automatically. So, even favorite actors are found, as long as the broadcaster correctly fills the description. The hit is this function when changing time series.

As soon as the disk is full, will first have watched broadcasts, then the oldest deleted. However, you can protect any film highlights, you want to keep also. Unfortunately images can’t can be on an external hard drive move on recordable Blu-ray discs, however, already. Archiving is yes a core competency of recorders.

Panasonic restricts the media processing to the appropriate sources. So photos and camcorder recordings (also 3D and ultra-HD 30 Hz) can be from an SD card (3D) on the hard disk move. Music in MP3 format, however, heard from one USB source (or data DVD/CD) copies. Ripping Audio CDs is not supported. For this, the playback unit as well as the DLNA server of the Panasonic is designed for high resolution music files in DSD, FLAC, and ALAC formats.

As a player, the DMR-BCT950 plays with right up front. He has many attributes of Panasonic’s prestigious top models. For example, double existing HDMI Jack which one sends a top image in ultra HD resolution at the TV, while an AV receiver with no 3D or 4K-Durchschleifung on the other port is supplied with unadulterated sound. The quality of the Upscalings on ultra HD is good, hardly necessary but at current top TVs.Playback of photos and 4K-Camcorderaufnahmen in ultra high resolution gives much pleasure and shows at the front being technically, if it is not enough for the maximum frequency of 2.0, so 60 Hz, HDMI.

The Quality

Otherwise excellently reflected the Panasonic as a player. The critical Blu-ray playback color decoding, and brightness levels are meticulously and the sharpness is good. Where the color channels are like weaker filtered by other manufacturers and seams leave of fine detail, softet Panasonic they nicely off – perhaps slightly too beautiful. After all, results in a smoother picture during slow pans. The playback of recordings, media files, and Internet Services manages flawless with this excellent technology in the background. Also for good sound, Panasonic has taken into the bag of tricks.

Since development of DVD-audio technology that is not supported in this device, Panasonic’s sound Tüftler keep the algorithms to “re mastering” and the “«digital tube sound» ready to come here to use.” The range is enriched with noise-shaping and actually inaudible artificial harmonics, which makes the sound fresh and intense. These functions are finely adjustable.

Unfortunately, we had only a few days to play through all kinds of media management in our laboratory. Normally, it would take a few weeks to really appreciate every detail. Even in this article, we can touch on only the most important functions. He has also a DVB-T tuner, we have, for example, so far concealed and also not tested. The system is replaced by DVB-T2 in Germany in the next few years.

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The Panasonic DMR-BCT950 on a LAN cable should be used as a clear recommendation. Its Wi-Fi-n is not sufficient in the dual-band for HDTV streams, if how we also other devices at the same time want to Exchange data. Strongly connected, streaming in home networks works great, also through the Wi-Fi router on the tablet. Experiments with TV anywhere, so the stream in the big wide world, showed that the quality but enormously suffers when the DSL bandwidth is crumbling, partly to interruptions of films. In fact, Panasonic but can’t help it.


Panasonic can beat the even more expensive predecessors with the DMR-BCT950 and defines the top of the recording technique unchallenged.The functionality is absolutely incredible and everything is qualitatively very well implemented. The best is that this great video home server remains yet amazingly easy to use.