Oscar 2016: Facts About The Red Carpet Of The Awards

By Natasha Heinz, Especially

Today, Oscar is almost two events in one: the award itself and, before, the red carpet, with wonderful dresses (and some horrible) interviews and even a few tumbles to decrease tension pre-allocation of statuettes. But it wasn’t always so: the red carpet as we know the Oscar and other awards not long ago.

We talk a lot on the red carpet, but we always know what we’re talking about? Or why are we talking about it? To make it fully inside of the awards that happens this Sunday on Dolby Theatre, in Hollywood, we have created a guide with questions and answers on the red carpet.

How Did The Red Carpet?

The red carpet originally had nothing to do with Hollywood; He appeared in the literature, the play Agamemnon, written in 458 BC. In it, when the main character back, your wife, Clytemnestra, welcomes you with a red carpet for him to enter the city. At the beginning of the 20 century, the train station of New York also used to put red carpets for their passengers. In Hollywood, a red carpet was first used at the opening of the Egyptian Theatre in 1922, when the premiere of the movie “Robin Hood”.

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When Did The Red Carpet Of The Oscars?

Oscar only began spread a rug for the celebrities in the years 1960. More specifically, on 17 April 1961. At the time, however, who was present at the event could see the color of the carpet, because the event was not broadcast in color on television. It was in 1966 that people began to see that the carpet was really red from home.

How Big Is The Red Carpet?

The total length of the red carpet is 152 metres and 10 metres wide along your. It takes two days for him to be installed at the entrance of the Dolby Theatre. In this space, there are around 100 photographers and 300 reporters, technicians and producers. In addition, the whole history of the Oscar is told in the way: on two pillars, are written the names of all the feature winners of the best film since the beginning of the awards – and there’s still room for bonds to be written until 2071.

What Is The Color Of The Red Carpet?

Is red! But not 100%, actually. Made by the same company since 1992, the carpet is painted with a mixture of colours that make him look very red on TV. It is also protected so that the thousands of people with no heel shoes destroy the carpet. Still, he is exchanged every two awards not to look aged.

This video (below) of the USA Today released this week shows that this year the rug received more an effort to not be destroyed: there is a transparent tent above, to prevent wet red carpet if it rains. See the work of the teams in front of the Theatre:

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Why Actresses Parade On The Red Carpet Before The Ceremony?

Originally, the red carpet was a way of guiding the guests of their cars to the entrance of the theater, but it didn’t take long for him to become a place for fans to see the actors, actresses and their dresses and autographs. Until 1964, the TV did not show much celebrities passing through the carpet, just recording the entry into an aerial image. That year, in addition to the above recording, the production included a live narration telling who was coming in. At the time, had reporters on the carpet, but very few interviews were given on the way.

There Is A Scheduled Time For Each Actor Arrives?

Yes, it’s superorganizado! Each artist teams coordinate timetables so that the most famous artists and running the most important awards arrive later for a flashier entrance, shortly before the ceremony started.

What Color Most Used Dresses On The Red Carpet?

Throughout the years, black WINS. The color which is in second place is golden.

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