Originality and Elegance in Polymer clay Jewelry of ClayArt

The polymer clay (English polymer clay), also called polymer clay, cernit, we press, katoclay when they have nothing else that brands that market the “loaves,” now has literally conquered the world of producing creative bijoux for its durability and ease of use as well as for the possibilities it offers to give free rein to the imagination.

Besides, the material lends itself to defining the design and implementation of various palettes are almost endless, ranging from basic colors as pearly, translucent, metallic, glitter, marbled, and various luminescent colors can be mixed together.

In the midst of such great variety there are those who can emerge. One example ClayArt Rossella Puoti, whose creations, unique pieces that you can buy even online, is distinguished by the originality and quality of manufactured, earning exposure even to MAGMA, the International Museum of Contemporary Art Caserta.