Ops Objects Bracelets and Accessories

Many lively and trendy innovations in Ops Object collection for the fall-winter 2013-2014, the famous and well-loved brands for its beautiful bracelets with pendants hearts, he has joined the many models of rings, necklaces and earrings to coordinate with others collection of accessories, gift ideas perfect for the holiday season! The proposal Ops Object is also this year’s colorful, but do not forget the most chic items with Swarovski and fantasy spotted, to satisfy everyone’s taste.

With the holiday season getting closer and closer, we fashionistas are already thinking about fashion gifts to give to friends or to suggest. The accessories of Object Ops jewelry line fall into the thoughts fashion category, with their diverse color palette and the shapes and romantic bon ton. In his line of bracelets, as you know, the brand thinks many forms of character.

Love for the classic collection, space chain bracelets in every color you can imagine, with heart pendant and logo tag on metal.

For the polka-dot line here is to return the delicious bracelets with polka dot pendant 50s style, while the Studs line, as the name suggests, has heart pendant with small studs contrast.

Line Lux , the most chic among those proposed by Ops, wants bracelets spotted pendant, one of the most successful trend this winter, but for lovers of Swarovski crystals and pendants, there comes a line of very special bracelets in white, gray or black, with stone in tone.

Fantasies pictures for the Damier line and the Tennis collection aims bracelets without pendants with small crystals. But as I looked forward to the Ops collection includes earrings and necklaces coordinated.

The necklaces have heart pendant as bracelets and metal logo, in pastels or dark.

Alternatively, the collection includes chain necklaces with crystal and models with small Swarovski colorful. The rings have a round or square stone and end in different colors, pastel or dark. Also in the new collection of watches which includes models with polka dot dial like bracelets, but also the most elegant shapes like those of the Gold Line, and waterproof watches for lovers of the sport, always a joyful color palette and stylish.

What do you think of the new collection of accessories Ops Object for the cold season? Give her a look in our photo gallery of images!