Nokia Lumia 620: Entry-level Phone With Windows Phone 8

Good facilities for little money
If you like LEGO, will love the lumia: With bright colours, either in bicolor optics (for example yellow frame and green battery cover), the smartphone will attract attention. Compared to the competitor HTC 8s it is much thicker and feels klobiger, for it but also more robust. The display shines bright with bold colors; font displays the touchscreen enough focus.

Nokia’s entry-level phone has a dual-core processor with one gigahertz (ghz) frequency and 512 MB of RAM. The display measures 3.8 inches and comes with 800 x 480 pixels on this resolution was already at nokia’s top model lumia 900.

The built-in camera has a five megapixel sensor and an LED flash, which is standard in this price class. Color and detail resolution of the camera are sufficient, however interfere with the blurred and grainy noise. The front-facing camera allows for video chat via skype. Is generous for this price the eight gigabytes (GB) of internal memory and can be with a memory card to another 32 GB expand.

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The lumia 620 use also NFC. The technique is used especially for cashless payment. But also the connection to speakers or sharing of data can be done via NFC. Windows phone does not allow previously but nice gimmicks to change about the phone profile on an NFC just or start programs about it. Even the data exchange of images and contacts worked by the nokia lumia of 620 to the lumia 820 not. Whether microsoft still patches to update, is not fixed.

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Colorful: The nokia lumia 620 is the cheap entry into the world of windows phones. You will see which scores the smartphone, here. Nokia lumia 620 in the practice test software range Nokia equips its windows phone with many supplied apps: In addition to maps and navigation applications is also an app for public transport. Augmented reality nokia also offers: While the rear camera films the surroundings, pop-ups display information to what you are currently watching. Also a photo editing app and the streaming service nokia belongs to the collection of program music offers free entertainment, even in offline mode. The supplied graphic equalizer significantly improves the quality of the music that lacks height and the sound somewhat. Alternatively switch the dolby sound enhancement a.

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Price and launch

The lumia 620 is alongside the lumia 820 and the lumia 920 the third and so far most advantageous WP8 phone from the house of nokia. For 269 euro (RRP) is from february 11th in the german market and network operators such as vodafone available.

Conclusion: Nokia lumia 620

Total nokia with the lumia 620 has delivered a good piece of technology, which will have it in the highly competitive middle-class but hard. For anyone looking for mainly a cheap windows mobile, currently drives with one of the previous models with the older windows phone 7.5 or 7.8 better: The very well processed nokia lumia 800 as at present only around 200 euros and may represent a better choice for many. Windows phone 8 offers in this price range no overwhelming advantage to the previous version 7.5 and 7.8 apart from the microsd memory card slot.

Test conclusion: What you should know

Total nokia with the lumia 620 delivered a good piece of technology. Anyone looking for a handy windows phone that different as the newer lumia 630 possesses also a front-facing camera, will here find it. Good: The upper shells are replaceable, there is even a reasonably waterproof outdoor cover (grey). Thanks to the update on windows phone 8.1 up to date. Best price on the internet: 89,00 euro * this product at amazon order pro memory card shaft NFC front camera handy housing clever colorful removable bowls against small screen assessment of editorial good users rating (out of 2 reviews)