Noble Homewear to Order

The long Cardigan is slightly rippled in the waist seam, this creates more distance. It has a shawl collar and is tied with a belt. In grey melange for 98 euros.

The casual cut Pant has an elastic waistband, nothing puts and it is wonderfully comfortable. In Orange or grey melange for 59 euros.

“Marrakech” chain: 39 Euro

Here you can order the cozy homewear

Pure Luxury: Fine-Count Yarns With Cashmere

The bathrobe is like all our homewear series models, from soft fine knit (10% cashmere, 30% cotton, 30% viscose, 30% polyamide). He is mid-calf, has two side pockets and is closed with a tie belt. In grey melange for 98 euros. It costs 39 Euro scarf in Fuchsia or Leuchtendblau (60 x 250 cm). The matching leggings in Fuchsia cost 59 euro.

The House dress in Eggplant is closed with a small button at the neckline. It’s tea. For 79 euros.

Warm Color Flatters The Complexion

The Hoodie in Orange is pleasant cut, it has a v-neckline and covered the hips.For 79 euros. The trousers with elasticated waistband is also available in grey melange.For 59 euros. Leuchtendblauer scarf: 39 euros.

Jewelry, Which Tells Stories

These are beautiful unique”Marrakech”Chains on a braided leather strap (each approx. 110 cm long).” Each is handcrafted from silver-coloured metal elements and different natural stones such as Amethyst, jade, Rose Quartz and carnelian. In the colors of coral, purple and dark brown for 39 euros each.

The tank top is casual cut in Leuchtendblau. For 49 euros.Scarves: 39 EUR.

Here You Can Order The Cozy Homewear