New York Cyclists Get Safety Lights and Helmets

An image has become common on Wednesday nights in New York City. Blitzencom police officers stationed at the ends of the Brooklyn bridge intercept all cyclists who do not have safety lights, an item required by law.  But this time, the goal is not to fine, but to warn cyclists about the importance of visibility in traffic. At the end of the conversation, a special gift: a set of front and back lights!

This is just one of the actions promoted by the Department of Transportation of New York(DOT) in its Bike Smart campaign, which promotes awareness of the importance of respect for traffic laws and the use of safety equipment.

In addition to lighting, the campaign also promotes discounts on the purchase of helmets at sportingology and even their donation, during the realization of events scheduled by the city. To apply to win the official helmet, just be present, learn through a small class how to use it properly and sign a delivery receipt.

Another important tool is the Smart Bike Guide(available for download in English and Spanish, among other languages), which contains various relevant information such as specific bicycle legislation, use of safety equipment and route map, among others.

According to the NY Traffic Department, the Bike Smart campaign has been a huge success among the cycling community, since it prioritizes information and promotion of good manners, leaving aside, whenever possible, the fines.

Growth-New York has in recent years experienced a real revolution in the use of bicycles. More and more New Yorkers are using this mode of transportation as an option to get to work, thanks in large part to the wide range of shared use bicycles. Currently, it is estimated that as many as half a million New Yorkers use bicycles(data from the New York Department of Health).