New LG G3, White or Black Images

Nothing, little will be left to LG be presented at the end of the month. Its terminal star for the season, LG G3, has taught quite a few days, in the form of leaks, but never with images emerging from the promotional material of the brand.

The two images we share let us see the final appearance of the LG G3 in two colors, black and white, but we also hope that there are a golden version, to follow trends. As we already aware, the phone is made in polycarbonate, following the same path in the high range than its neighbors of Samsung.

In both images the phone is accompanied by a back cover, which do not cover what we already knew: buttons at the back as the hallmark of the new series G, LED flash with double color, and a mysterious sensor to the left of the camera.

The front is all screen, with a minimum frames, and a couple of small areas for the logo of LG and the top speaker. Is expected that the terminal grow in screen size up to 5.5 inches, not in dimensions.

The most prolific filter industry, evleaks is responsible for teaching us the phone ahead of time, but does not share specifications so we can go to confirming what we expect: specifications or interface. On May 27, his official presentation will take place.