Necklaces for Men

Looking for a robust, solid and masculine silver necklace? These 5 neck Ras are made for you!

In terms of jewelry for men, fashion comes and goes but some classics them do not move! Rating intact, necklaces which let’s talk you through the years always creating the same enthusiasm!

Because they breathe in their design, strength and sturdiness confirming their manly appearance, because their clean lines come together easily in the men’s, here are 5 neck literally ras eventually when we talk about male necklaces!

1 – Collar Balinese mesh Snake sterling silver
Tribal Necklace by excellence, he leaves reflect the power and robustness of these island origins to the neck of the one who wears it! Voluntarily patinated silver, mesh recognizable among thousand and always a same impression both raw, manly and authentic! Wear in ras of neck (50-55cm) as well as longer Necklace (60-62 cm).

2 – Stitch round necklace in Sterling Silver snake

Majestic and imposing, especially if you dare the cracks of large diameter, this necklace snake for man out strength and elegance via Rrrjewelry! A value that will not go unnoticed to the neck of a man. A necklace to wear preferably in ras of neck (50-55 cm according to quite) his side rib that can make it more uncomfortable worn longer.

3 – Braided sterling silver Snake necklace

A midway between the Balinese Snake mesh and the mesh snake, here are the braided mesh Balinese Snake! And it is natural that she draws all the characteristics, in terms of strength in terms of aesthetics!
4 – Collar man mesh Venetian silver

Mesh to the very mechanical shapes, made of a nesting of rectangular cubes of solid silver, men’s Necklace combines simplicity and efficiency! A look full of testosterone that will soon produce its effects!

5 – Collar man mesh Grain of coffee in silver

Like the famous brand to the crocodile, collar mesh grain of coffee in silver has been somewhat overtaken by its success, sometimes up to take on a somewhat charged ‘Bad boy’ reputation. Yes, but that’s characteristic of a classic is precisely to reach to overcome prejudices and to regenerate appeal always keeping too large for a male audience, it is precisely that manages to make this coffee mesh, who grows even more manly appearance on the ground of the image we’re looking for him associate!

Necklace to wear either ras neck or long necklace.