NAVIGON 92 Premium Live

The new NAVIGON flow
The NAVIGON 92 premium live gets a much entschlacktere surface. The redesigned flow software quickly guides you through the menu. Features that you most frequently use, how to obtain services, bluetooth handsfree, destination entry, maps, navigation options, NAVIGON live particularly quickly and easily. Apart from the power button, use the navi only via touchscreen or voice input. By wiping navigate through the menu similarly as for the smartphone. Sort intermediate, for example, drag and drop, a tap of the card opens the list for possible points of interest.

Professional voice control and additional functions

In addition to the target input via speech recognition can run many commands and functions by acclamation. This ensures greater concentration and additional security. The secure telephony is possible thanks to the NAVIGON about the bluetooth handsfree with the phone’s wireless connection. Panorama view3D shows you the landscape in spatial representation. NAVTEQ traffic provides you with current traffic information. On request you can announce the street names. A lane guides with unique ads in a timely manner on the right track. TMC pro navigates you around traffic jams around. The 92 premium live has the maps of 44 european countries on board.

Freshmaps and additional services at a preferential price

You activate freshmaps within 30 days of purchase, you pay 19.95 instead of $99. Get the latest maps for download for two years. With SIM card are the NAVIGON live services such as traffic live, google local search, mobile speed traps, clever parking live and up-to-date weather information a year free of charge in real time can be reached then fall 49.95 euro per year.


In addition to the NAVIGON 92 premium and the suction cup mount is a car charger with cable for the cigarette lighter and a mini-USB cable for the PC in a box. The recording for the navi has a little filigree, but considered. To remove a button, which makes inserting and taking out little fiddly succeed but simply. By a lever on the mount is the windshield mounting easy.

Conclusion: NAVIGON 92 premium live

The large, bright screen of the NAVIGON 92 premium live makes the operation easy. NAVIGON with my routes, evaluates the personal driving style and adjusts itineraries. Prima: The streamlined interface of a NAVIGON flow simplifies the control.


Review conclusion: What you should know

NAVIGON has purified his menus. On the surface flow, the rider wipes now in iphone-style through the menus. In the clearing, NAVIGON has but a mistake according to NAVIGON update will eliminate disposed of the target search on a map and geo-coordinates. The large, bright screen of the NAVIGON makes operation easy 92 premium live. NAVIGON with my routes, evaluates the personal driving style and adjusts itineraries. The live can service is still more, show about free parking for info of the ADAC. Order this product at amazon time-saving routes quick ready rugged mount pro good voice prompts contra missing search options only warranty test note of the editorial 2.08 good users rating now evaluate alternative: Tomtom go live 1015 europe

Tomtom pack in the go live 1015 europe anything purely, simplifies the drive. In addition to practical live services and the extensive maps, the twitter function works somewhat playful. The user of the world can tell via short message, when he arrives home. Nothing to complain about there regarding the processing of the bracket is well thought out. Prima: The live data over the mobile network are two, map updates even three years for free.