Nature Wall Hangings

Nature finds room in the house, but also in studies or boutique, through delicate and beautiful works: the vegetable paintings made ​​by Sundar Italy , a company specializing in the creation of vertical gardens, indoor and outdoor.

Wonderful examples of vertical gardens covering buildings around the world, among the first and most beautiful ones made ​​by the French botanist Patrick Blanc. Today Sundar, who made ​​his first works in collaboration with its technical Blanc, creates customizable square with plants, of which you can choose the size, style, and vegetation used, depending on the environment that will host them.

These works have a decidedly green heart but also a technological core like a vintage wall sticker reviewed on, it is arranged inside an autonomous irrigation system and an electronic level indicator that provides information on the reserves of residual water.

Unique and amazing definitely could be really original gift idea!

With the gently felt the artist of Swedish origin Anna Kristina Goransson , introduces in indoor environments their own idea of nature.
By using a material and a technique dear to North European tradition, Kristina creates natural forms, essential and expressive, like roots, blooms, cocoons empty and silent left by creatures who have now completed their metamorphosis.

Halfway between nature and culture Kristina works are poetic installations, such as vegetable paintings, bridging the gap between the environment and our daily space.