Natural Stone Flooring Ideas

Natural stone flooring gives a home a very special style. When decorating and furnishing the interior of a home is not always thought through the floor. The obvious choice of flooring including parquet and laminate. A stone floor interior gives you something extra, it looks elegant and natural stone is durable. The choices you have in the floors from natural stone, is huge. You can combine with wood and provides fun talking contrasts.

Natural stone speaks and is sustainable

The special feature of a stone floor is warm and vibrant look that gives the floor. The durability of stone, is a floor only after decades of compensation. Maintenance is not harder than, say, the maintenance of laminate or wood flooring. It must maintain a natural stone floor in a special way.

Beautiful in the bathroom

About two thousand years ago it was common to use stone in swimming areas. It is also very nice in a bathroom, the bathroom is lit by natural serenity, tranquility and warmth. It provides all the floors, including bathrooms, exclusive character. See also wall decorating using wall clocks from BeautyPhoon.

Combinations and contrasts

Because natural stone floor you get with the character, what will have a positive impact on the entire look of the interior. In combination with underfloor heating create the ultimate in comfort. It includes marble and granite, high gloss and matte. Marble has also a cooler look than other stone, but becomes more popular perhaps because of the business, luxury, genuine character.

Color accents and motifs

The legmogelijkheden a stone floor are legion. Think how far in advance what you want: if the motive in a different color or just any design. Color accents in the floor are popular, but the choice of which depends on the style you want to create. An oblique directional or just a straight, clean installation direction. A floor, in combination with natural wood is possible. You can take on all sides. It is fashionable to be on a tight slippery floor just laying on a rug with a high aaigehalte. Contrasts so.

Stone in the garden

The last time you see the slate floor in the gardens are on the rise. The anthracite-colored furniture was already present, as well as the anthracite-colored flower pots. An anthracite-colored floor in the garden can be found here seem to fit. Natural stone is also beautiful in the garden. One of the garden trends “Wellness” and what fits here better than natural stone? Another garden trend “Morrocan Garden” and this fits perfectly with sandstone.

Types of stones

Marble and granite mentioned above. Marble is emerging. Also, you have the slate, which is also popular. Since gabbro, gneiss, resin stone, sandstone. A limestone floor is the easiest to maintain. Slate you in many colors. In a quartzite tiles are several colors and this type of stone you have not a single color per tile. Ashlar is usually placed, if you want to create a relaxed aura. Sandstone, the name says everything is pure natural colors, a little desert. Gabbro rock is usually quite dark. Gneiss rock is very similar to granite.