My First Maternity Clothes

I didn’t know my body would change as quickly. Not that I was afraid, far from it, but let’s say that it wasted no time…

Besides, everything appeared between Christmas and the new year. I put on my Pajamas Jacob to watch a movie with your family and when I arrived at the salon, everyone screamed: ‘ Eeeeek, you’re getting a belly!

Back of the cottage, more no pants made me. I did the household of my denial clothes and I realized that I didn’t have so many clothes for my new shape.

The case is that I hate leggings (except those of the Jacob < 3) since I decided to become a lady. And I had the good idea to start to dress myself adjusted to my size. I found myself so in front of lots of things that I could no longer wear. *sigh.*

A chance that Camille was there! Together, we went to the Thyme Maternity. It was horror. I had not yet understood (or accepted, kind) that maternity clothes offered in Quebec were also hideous. I wish I could dress only local, but I can’t wear tunics of biddies. NO. I CAN’T.

Finally, Camille told me about maternity clothes at saved my life! The pants are really not expensive ($49 or $15 discount). The clothes are pretty enough to look like those of a normal person, hahaha!

Not only the size of the pants is super low (it does not cause unpleasant pressure on the lower abdomen) but in addition, the waistband in jersey is really comfortable! So I think even continue to wear them after…

As soon as I have time, I will present ideas for outfits to keep his style, even with a body in constant EVOLUTION/expansion. And thanks to the sales at H & M, I found full of affordable clothing in order to vary my choices. Yayyyyy!

With that, I leave you with my photos of cabin!

My pref jeans’! I wear them all the time and they are smart enough to pass to my internship. YAY! $49.

Josiane really don’t like the color of this pair, but it puts color in my wardrobe a bit too dark! And at $15, I took the Navy Blue also!

My new dress to look like Nana Mouskouri. $15.

A dress for spring to $39.

This dress is available in all imaginable colours and costs less than $20, I remember! This isn’t a piece of the maternity collection, but it works! I plan to buy all the colors because it is extremely comfortable and easy to match.

What are your tips to stay cute, even pregnant?

Note that the H & M maternity line is available in the shops the Place Versailles and Galeries d’Anjou!