Multifunction Printer: Use All Functions in the Network

If a combiner in the network does not work as a printer, but only as a scanner, this is due to a faulty driver.

Actually, it is very easy to make a printer with LAN or WLAN known to a network PC: you simply select “Add printer” on a Windows computer. Windows now looks for a printer in the home network and downloads the appropriate drivers.

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However, in the case of a multifunction device, only a part of the functions can be available: For example, instead of the printer in the device overview under “Devices and printers”, you will only see one scanner or fax machine with the same name.

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In this case you should download the current driver package from the manufacturer’s website and install it on the PC. After the installation, the driver will ask you first how the combi printer is connected: In this case, select “LAN” or “WLAN”. The driver then looks for a suitable device in the network: If it has found it, the appropriate printer, scanner and fax driver should be installed automatically one after the other.

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Also, in the event that you are only offered scanning or faxing, all Windows drivers may have been installed. However, the operating system may have activated the fax component of the combiner as a standard printer. Go to “System and Printers” to check this. Right-click the multifunction device icon. From the context menu, select “Set as default printer” and select a model name displayed there that contains “printer” or “printer” instead of a name with “fax”.