Mullet Dress–Trend For The Summer

After the trend of mini, midi and long length, the catwalks of fashion are giving way to a new trend that promises to conquer the female audience in the hottest season of the year, which are the lengths “mullets”. The word “mullet” was used extensively in the 80 to designate a hair cut from that era, which consisted of shorter length in the front and long ago. However, in summer 2012 the word was and is being used to designate a new length for the dresses and skirts for women.

You’re wrong that the length appears only in skirts and dress, the asymmetrical style can be seen also in the 2012 fashion blouses. The length “mullet” adds more elegance and boldness to the female parts, making women comprise full productions of styles.Perfect for those who want the elegance of long, but don’t want to give up the sensuality of short length. And that is why the length “mullet” has everything to become the darling of women this summer.

The trend of the “mullet” was present in several national and international fashion shows. The length was present in blouses, skirts and dresses, graduation dresses, parties and even in 2012 wedding dresses – what promises to be the big news when it comes towedding dress.

The mullets when appear in lighter fabrics leave to play full of movement, heavier fabrics leave more structured clothing. The trend is being seen in pieces with different lengths, some may come up with more pronounced lengths other more subtle, this will depend on the style of each woman. Female parts with this length gain a touch of boldness, the skirts, blouses or dresses of different prints and materials.

Who uses the Mullet Dress?

Despite the length “mullet” is still a novelty in the fashion scene, several celebrities already use similar dresses with short length in front and long ago, displaying great elegance and sensuality on the red carpets. Check out a few of the celebrities:

The highlight of the trend was for the mullet dress of Black actress Lively, with fabric giving movement to the dress and waist selected to define the silhouette of actress. You don’t even have to comment on the production of Blake Lively, huh? The dress matched perfectly with the actress.

Other celebrities also invested in length “mullet”, such as: Anna Paquin, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera, Hailee Steinfeld, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Eva Mendes are some of the international celebrities who have invested in the trend of “mullet dress”.

How to use-Tips

Female parts with the length “mullet” cease the production of fully modern women. The good news is that these parts can be easily combined. Learn how to:

If you want to join the trend, but still afraid to take chances, so invest in pieces that have the length “mullet”, but with minor differences in size on the front towards the rear. The most daring can bet quietly in the true length “mullet”, both in dresses and skirts as the sweaters.

In summer 2012 promises to use a long mullet in dresses, skirts and blouses. The gowns appear in smaller lengths, but also for women who desire a long dress, will surely find. If you have doubts what footwear you use with the length “mullet”, the trick is to opt for high heels always, preferably a jump pretty good, since the shoes will be highlighted.

The skirts can appear both in mini lengths as in máxis and can be combined with shirts and tank tops. The shirts and tank tops with long “mullet” can be easily combined with shorts, skirts more justinhas and pants with skinny modeling. In addition, the sweaters “mullets” pieces are perfect for those who want to disguise the hip measures.

If you want to invest in a production more feminine, look choose pieces with the length “mullet” lighter fabric that give movement to the piece while walking. In this way, can not help but ooze charm and femininity while walking with sure start sighs where you spend. Therefore, use and abuse the trend mullet, whether in dresses, skirts or blouses.