Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

Does the Motorola Moto 360 but a weaker battery as previously specified? The repair experts at iFixit have already received the new wearable in the hands and promptly dismantled it. The Smartwatch can be rather bad repair, but also that some components are not quite the expectations not only showed in the result.

Update from September 10, 12:35 o’clock: Motorola has quickly on the controversy around the battery inside the Moto 360 reacts. Thus the label on the battery, on the basis of the charge was calculated mAh by 289, are only 300 mAh instead of the promised 320 mAh, but denotes the value of just the minimum charge. The typical charge of the Moto 360 battery to achieve the promised value according to Motorola, however.

Therefore, the Motorola taken apart by iFixit contained Moto 360 among other things an OMAP3036 processor from Texas instrument, which was used in the four-year-old Motorola droid 2. Especially surprised the hobbyist but the installed battery, which Motorola mAh certifies an energy intake of 320. According to iFixit, the battery should offer but rather 289 mAh, compared about 10 percent less what are, as there is Motorola on its Web site. If this interested in the end at all, as long as the watch really reaches the promised term of a complete day, everyone must decide for maternity watches.

Motorola Moto 360 with lean repair score

That 360 not easy to repair is a clock that is filled with smart technology as the Moto, everyone in advance should have thought likely. The conclusion by iFixit is not so surprising. The professionals who themselves repeatedly emphasize how much they like screws, because they just remove and reinsert, encountered some problems with the wearable. Therefore, a rubber ring inside is supposed to protect the Moto 360 against water ingress. Also, this makes it difficult but also opening the housing. Because the technical innards are in addition very closely in its casing, Moto 360 of unfortunately only a repair score of 3 of 10 possible points revealed at the end for Motorola.