Motherhood in Double Dose

Suspect that you are pregnant is a situation that generates anxiety and anxiety before receiving confirmation, because motherhood is a time of great change in the life of the woman. Now, imagine what it feels like to not be sure that pregnancy is one or more babies.

Ultrasound examination can only prove the double gestation, but the time to get this confirmation may vary according to the months of pregnancy and the placement of children. In cases of triplets that time can be three months or more.

There’s no way to put an end to the anxiety, but to make the waiting more pleasant, it is possible to observe some signs that the body gives and what are the main differences between the gestation of one or more children.

The common symptoms of a pregnancy are: weight gain, constipation, nausea, vomiting, backache, breast pain, growth of the uterus and liquid retention. However, when this occurs in an exaggerated manner, in a short time interval, can be evidence that twins are coming.

After confirmation of pregnancy with twins, according to Ehuacom, prenatal care to be held will require closer monitoring, because a pregnancy more delicate, with higher risks of developing high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and preterm labor. The doctor also pay attention to the placement of babies so that nothing undermines development in the womb.

When the big moment comes, talk to your doctor about the best birthing option, which can be a caesarean or normal. Even if in the case of twins, there is the possibility of natural childbirth, everything will depend on the situation of the mother and the babies.