Mood Swings during Pregnancy

The emotions during pregnancy often hear or read, that the hormones for many rollercoaster of emotions are responsible. Mood swings and unbalanced behavior caused by the hormonal upheavals, but also of psychological changes and fears related to your new State.

Your life, your life and your future got completely out of hand. With the joyful message, also a worrying feeling germinates on many pregnant women and at some thought – for example on the delivery – you may be anxious. There are so many reasons that can explain your current confusion.

Pregnancy, emotions and hormones
How do these three factors together really? The hormones that are secreted by the endocrine glands, reaching peak values during pregnancy. Some of these endogenous substances affect apparently also on your whims. Adrenalin can cause stress or nervousness. Endorphins trigger a feel-good effect. The power hormone cortisol and the milk hormone prolactin are supposedly real doping substances for the body wearing maternity clothing reviewed by recipesinthebox. Also estrogens have a stimulant effect. And all this energy bounce on the fatigue-promoting hormone progesterone.

Our hormones are so in interaction, result in an imbalance and thus a chemical environment that encourages spontaneous mood swings: up one rejoicing – a true rollercoaster of emotions is grieved to death,: oversensitive, euphoric, then again stressed, anxious or depressed.

There is no rule: the emotions can break out suddenly vehemently.

Talk about it
Pregnant women Women are nowadays very well medically supervised and prepare for the birth. But the totally natural worries and doubts about a mother are unfortunately often hushed.

If you feel particularly vulnerable or feel your pregnancy as negative, do with your doctor or your midwife about it necessarily talk or seek a professional advice (Pro Familia, a psychologist,…). That doesn’t mean that you need to immediately start an extensive psychotherapy. You need just a person who will listen to you and understand your fears.

A pregnancy is not always easy. There is no reason to be ashamed of, especially if it is the first time for you. It definitely helps you to talk about. It’s unbelievably important to get support in pregnancy. An expectant mother is mentally “transparent”.

Therefore, it is easily possible to reach the deeper feelings, which are seldom accessible because they are displaced. In addition, some anxiety in pregnancy are treatable, so that the development can be prevented from the outset of any binding errors to the unborn child.