Monkeys And Denim Jeans: How (No) Wear This Trend

Jeans, those clothes so easy and difficult to wear at the same time. If this season you are obsessed with them, look at how NOT to take them (and of course!),And also find yours in the chicfy showroom that we have set up for this post, with more than 100 monkeys in denim ; From low-cost to Oysho or Stradivarius, to Armani and See by Chloé bargains.

Monkeys jeans, from time immemorial in fashion …

Why do we say they are so complicated to wear? Precisely, because if we neglect, in part to do no favor to our body, can end up being the styling of death (as the total looks in denim, actually). So here are some visual tips on how to never wear a cowboy monkey as described in casual pants, unless you want to look like this.

How Not To Be A Monkey (Please)

Too short Deform in balloon planRare Mixtures Bikini style Look straitjacket

Maybe you are surprised by some of the chosen ones, but believe me when I tell you, however retro-fashionable the model of the second photo (2) may be , it’s a look you do not want to repeat yourselves, unless you bet because your Body takes the form of a globete. The same goes for the mini-mini-jeans (1 and 4) , not even a few kilometer legs will save you from a rather strange outfit, especially if the straps seem to be taken from Borat’s bikini. And even though they remember you a lot at 90, it’s no reason to mix it with all the revival icons that you find at home (3) .Finally, if you choose to choose another color (5) , say no to cuts type suit or tailor. That is, is that no matter how ex-model you are, there is no where to take it and you will seem to be taken from the nearest hospital.

And How To Take A Monkey

Touch of color With musketeers Everything to black Funny Less is more

Here you have 5 looks that we have loved wearing a cowboy monkey as the protagonist. We thought it was time to add one with musketeers boots (2) , which have returned to the loads after about 4 dormant years and waiting to leave the closets. They can be a great addition to keep using your monkey during the fall and winter, with thick socks and a good coat of cloth. In fact, the winning combination is demin + black (3 and 5), it makes the blue stand out, and you can add a glitter point to it with a turtleneck sweater this winter. Another cool complement is a wool cap (4) . The cowboy breastplate is associated with small children and can be a very fun garment. Mix it with different prints (stripes and pictures) and put a colored note on the feet (1) or a pouch (4) .

And now that we know how to wear it and how not, we will rummage through the huge cupboards of chicfy to find our favorite jeans. We have separated them in short and long, choosing 5 of each. If you like some you just have to click on it and it will take you to your closet .

Short Cowboy Shoes

The truth is that now with the cold they may crave less (although we have already given you the key of thick socks + musketeers). In addition, you probably fall in love with some and end up adding it to your closet to enjoy it when the heat returns.


Long Sleeve Peters

We love the variety of long pussies in chicfy. As you see, our selection is for all tastes and pockets. From the € 3 that costs the model of Oysho more clarito, until 120 € the one of Armani with belt. If you want to know more details, you know, click on them.

ARMANI (65 €)OYSHO (€ 3) SEE BY CHLOÉ (120 €)BERSHKA (25 €)SHEINSIDE (€ 18)

If you stay with more desire of pussies and monkeys jeans, we have prepared a showroom with more than 100 models that you can consult by clicking on the photo.

Are You Making Looks, Are You?