Mistakes to Avoid While Makeup

The most common beauty problems can happen to all and not for this must necessarily turn into complete disaster. Thanks to these practical and easy tips you will be able to solve the most common problems in no time!

In all we’ve done a few little mistakes in the routine of daily makeup and, fortunately, there a quick and painless solution (almost all).
Rather than grieve and start again to redo hair and makeup (even while you’re running to an important meeting) instead try to take advantage of these tricks at healthknowing … you will find them very pleasant and will allow you to have an edge!

Lipstick on your teeth

Red lips are the ultimate expression of sexuality.

Of course, at least until you smile and you realize that somehow ended up on your teeth.

First is embarrassing, according to the sex appeal factor went down the drain.

How to fix

Having always applied lipstick press your lips on a handkerchief to wipe off any excess.

Then put your index finger in your mouth and slowly pull it out to remove any traces of lipstick finished by mistake inside the lips.

Cheeks covered with fallen eyeshadow

Put a bit of powder eye shadow on your eyelids after putting makeup base would be a terrible mistake that will steal a lot of time.


A small surplus would be enough to make it to deposit on the cheeks and riuscerebbe this does not prevent you from touching them!


To prevent the problem, when applying eye shadow, keep a small handkerchief placed under the eye … this will capture each pigment fallen!

deodorant traces on clothes

The last thing you want on your new dress or on your favorite shirt is the horrible traces (or spots) of deodorant and the last thing you want to do is to choose something else to wear.


Transfer to a deodorant of those with invisible / non-staining formula “clothes”.

In the meantime to remove any stain of deodorant from clothes, kick off his head and rubbed along the stained parts (be sure to remove any residual powder before reindossare the head).

uneven mascara

Sure, it would be nice if we were all born with the wonderful lashes to “Kardashian” but be aware that there is a difference between long eyelashes, bright and subtle than something extremely ugly and gross.


First, throw away your mascara, it’s probably too old and withered.

Then, with the help of a tissue for children, using thumb and index finger, wipe away any excess.

If you want to separate and darken lashes each spent with your finger a little bit of Vaseline.

too blush

Perhaps you held my hand a bit ‘heavier this time, eh?

You can wash your face and start from scratch or you can go out in your condition and look like trolls.

We do not vote for any of these options.


If it’s powder blush, gently sfumatelo cheeks to spread better the color pigments. If you don that in cream, abbassatene the tone using a sponge to remove excess liquid.

Excess perfume

Maybe for you it’s not a problem to have exaggerated with your favorite fragrance, but not at all in a radius of 2 kilometers that could give pleasure!


To quickly reduce the intensity of the fragrance without necessarily having to take a shower, try one of these tricks on one of your excess scented areas:

  1. cover the scent using a perfume fragrance free
  2. use a tissue for children and rimuovetene a layer or two
  3. neutralizzatelo dabbing cotton soaked in alcohol on your skin.

She appeared a pimple

Yes, I’m ugly, unsightly and annoying but perform a task of extreme plastic surgery (and amateur) in a moment of panic could cause an infection.


To reduce swelling and inflammation, wrap an ice cube in a towel and press it against the pimple for about 10 minutes.

If possible, then, also applied an antibiotic to prevent infection and then cover with a concealer to remove any remaining redness.

of nails hands and feet yellowed

Although pitturarsi the nails with dark colors is incredibly fashionable, do you constantly could lead your nails to take on the color of a sunflower.

So how does one fix it?


To restore the original color of your nails, mix few drops of lemon with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) in a plastic bowl. Imbeveteci some balls (or diskettes) Cotton and pass on your nails until the stains will be gone!