Men’s Shorts Fashion Trends

I have some scruples to teach this fashion blog by speaking of a “good old” classic, inspired by fishermen of Capri… You know this little rocky island in the Gulf of Naples and its Blue Cave, famous worldwide! It is a woman, the fashion designer Sonja de Lennart German on vacation near Capri, which launched the pirate pants in the late 40. The idea came to him while watching holding fishermen working the island… at a time when a woman in pants yet passed for a pétroleuse and show where his legs were not common, this revolutionary garment sensation. It will also wait for the years 1953 to 1954 for the privateer become an international star thanks to the film “Roman Holiday” and “Sabrina” (Thanks Audrey Hepburn!). For the story is complete, further underscored Sonja de Lennart created an entire collection “Capri” consisting of trousers but a skirt, a blouse, a belt and a hat. The only model still worn today is the famous pirate-still called Capri pants in some countries.


The Corsair:  More Topical Than Ever!

The Corsair has never really gone podiums but we must recognize that it is living a very nice comeback! Probably because it evokes the sun, holidays and the Italian dolce vita. Since its invention, he was the symbol of the modern woman, confident and independent – values ​​that remain valid. Couple that with him, always it seems to take a vacation; without necessarily complete a suitcase and make thousands of kilometers.

In the 50s, the Corsair was always worn with ballet flats, but times change…

How to Wear Your Pants 3/4?

Today, short and very often narrow trousers are also worn with stilettos or pumps: a very good idea because the heel elongates the leg and refines the silhouette small. Another detail: originally, privateers had no pockets. They have been added over time. The leg length can range from mid-calf to ankle (prefer the longer version if you have very trained calves). In summer, the privateer ideally replaces dresses and skirts more casual, it lends itself to all escapades.Good news round silhouettes are enhanced by the privateer. You just be sure to wear it with a long top that covers the hips. On holidays, add pretty sandals trend and follow our beauty tip: varnish your nails in a similar tone to that of the pants. Ready to escape in pirate… Make your choice!