Men in the Delivery Room…

Types with nerves of steel, the courage of the last Mohikaners and the patience of an Angel are in demand in the delivery room for the birth of a baby. Don’t you think? Also is not true. Men can be a great help at birth even without the above mentioned properties!

So the birth of the baby is still a nice experience, you should consider a few points.

In the antenatal classes, there are different opinions on the subject “Dads in the delivery room”:

“When our first baby was my husband at birth. It’s a great support for me”, a mother reported. “If I should be honest”, logs another woman say, “I felt the presence of my partner as a nuisance. Constantly, I was concerned that he can no longer hear my moans. And as the baby even by birth had to be obtained, he was completely overwhelmed.”

Suddenly it’s quiet in the round. Everybody look at me, and there is also the question: “experience but every day men in the delivery room at birth. What are your experiences?” I tell the students that I have accompanied many beautiful childbirth where the common experience of birth were a great addition to both after pregnancy, but unfortunately also not little negative experiences I had with the fathers at birth. Partly these have the natural flow of the birth disrupted so by their behaviour, that it was no longer about hours.

When are dads in the delivery room a help?

The arguments for the expectant father in the delivery room are clearly evident: the shared experience of birth after long pregnancy offers a good base for the first days with the baby and following family life. The partner feels cannot be ruled out, but contracted, he can support his wife lovingly and at first build an intense relationship to the baby. See maternity nursing clothing at

After my experience the partner (or other accompanying person) is a good help for the woman in labor if following conditions are met:

He is voluntarily to the birth, and not because “The man nowadays are”. Also he should have “permission” to leave the birth room at any time if he need
then has.

The relationship of the two is currently not in a serious crisis.

The partner brings patience and calm.

He has dealt realistically — for example, through participation at a birth preparation courses – the expiry a birth including some special situations (knapsack sprayer or PDA, cesarean birth by vacuum extractor or forceps).

These conditions are met, it can be the woman a great help indeed: he can be her refreshments (beverages, a damp cloth for the forehead etc.) or offer something to eat. He can help the woman to the correct breathing and relieve her pain massage. By loving grant (stroke, in the arm, comfort, listen, distracted, cheer, motivate) he creates a relaxed situation where the expectant mother can confidently open. Support during the walk through the hospital Park or the supports of the woman in labor, particularly during the pressing phase, give your physical and mental stability.

When rather release without a partner?

The presence of an attendant is problematic but then if it is completely overtaxed or uninterested with the situation. This is expressed, for example, in streithaftem or besserwisserischem behavior, constant whining about their own fatigue or w.w.II dealing with something else.

Since the woman struggling with strong contractions, and the man reads the sports section of a newspaper in peace of mind or play computer games (all already been there). It when the man the woman patronized (“no, my wife will get no pain reliever, others make it even without!”), demotivated (“that determines a cesarean!”), or look through constantly on the watch or ask (“how long it takes for yet?”) under pressure is especially bad sets.

Nothing can interfere with more a birth process as chaos, impatience, or even an unloving behaviour – nothing makes it easier than affection, understanding and support.