Meizu MX4 – China Smartphone 20 Mega Pixels Camera With Aluminium Housing

Many think is not just a China Smartphone. But, the relatively unknown company Meizu has created a really nice piece of technology.

The Meizu MX4 is wrapped in a sleek aluminum enclosure and equipped with the latest technology, a real Smartphone treat.

On the 2nd September 2014, Meizu has unveiled the new smartphone at a press conference. The MX4 is the direct successor of the MX3. Not only the screen has grown compared to its predecessor, but the camera also took a quantum leap.

Hardware of the Meizu MX4

A really nice device. But the similarity with the iPhone is obvious. Not only the home button, the front or the used materials. Everything points to the presumed great iPhone 6 with 5.5 inches. Can the Meizu Smartphone still claim?

5.4 inch full HD display

The qx4 has a 5.36 inches large screen with a full HD resolution with 1920 x 1152 pixels. The display format is not 16:9 as with most smartphones, but with 15-9 little square. The pixel density is sharp 418 ppi. Through the new “liquid crystal” technology and the displays illuminated by LED, should be the image even sharper and brighter. I’m glad to see that not all manufacturers on the QHD bandwagon to jump on.

A new method to attach the display, directly on the housing of the Smartphones creates a tiny 0, 3mm gap between the display and Gorilla glass 3 and to absorb part of the energy down. Let us hope that this technology protects against broken display glass.

Meizu has managed to limit the edge on the side of the display to 2.6 mm. This is not quite as solid in spite of the giant screen.

8-core processor in the MX4

The new smartphone Meizu is that the processor has used the MediaTek MT6592 the first smartphone world. This is a processor with eight cores. All with 2.2 GHz clocked. The nuclei in 4 quick and 4 economical are arranged through a special architecture. By Meizus “core pilot” technology is switched back and forth between the cores. This is either exploited the full power or power saving.

2 GB memory to the page are the fast processor.

20.7-mega pixel camera

From 8 to 20.7 mega pixels. There is not often a large leap in quality of the camera. Meizu embeds a 20.7 megapixel sensor from Sony in the qx4. It is not known whether it is the same as in the Sony Xperia Z2. But very similar in any case.

The other camerafeatures sound very interesting. The focus is to focus after only 0.3 seconds, videos can be in 4K-Qualität or in 720 p-slow-motion record. With the camera it should be also possible to record up to 25 photos in one second as a series of images. In addition, the qx4 features a dual-tone Flash which was to allow better shots in dark scenes.

Precious aluminium case

The qx4 is a really nifty device. It can settle corners rounded with thin Bezeln and an aluminium housing a little of the other China-top smartphones. The MX4 measures 144 x 75.2 x 7.9 mm and is slightly thinner than the previous model. In spite of the aluminium housing, the device weighs only 147 grams.

Colorful operating system

The latest version of Android, KitKat runs on the Meizu MX4. On this basis, Flyme 4.0 is installed. This is the software interface of Meizu, which was introduced in version 4.0 also at the press conference.

The design is flat and very colorful. The interface and app icons reminiscent of Apple’s iOS. Very much like the Smartphones of Xiaomi.

Big battery & lots of memory

A big battery to provide 30% longer run-time as opposed to the Meizu MX3. It has a capacity of 3,100 mAh. The battery can be replaced.

Enough room for music, photos and co. There the qx4 with 64 GB memory. There are also cheaper versions 16 and 32 GB. The Chinese prices 1799 Yuan for the 16 GB model, 1999 Yuan for the 32 GB version. You must pay 2399 Yuan for the qx4 with 64. These are approx. €220 €250 and €300. Unfortunately, there is no version with 128 GB memory as in the MX3.

The MX4 dominated LTE in over 13 different frequency ranges. So the Smartphone should be also associated in Germany with high-speed Internet. Ac also via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 can be combined the Smartphone.

Meizu speaks also of a launch in Hong Kong, Russia, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. Don’t fret: the next markets that are to be developed, are Germany, Spain, England, India, Australia and more.

In addition to a black and a white, is also a Gold version available.


The Meizu MX4 definitely against the competing OnePlus and Xiaomi can contend with latest technology, a chic case and a very good camera. When we here hold the device in your hands, is not yet known.