Meet the DIVAS Lingerie Collection

Hello, today’s post is to talk about the brand, collection, and the initiative of the Darling Ms.. create a national lingerie collection focused on the female audience is a pin-up style.
But to make it even clearer, below is the presentation of Dear Miss about the idea to launch something in the Brazilian market.
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The Dear Miss. I brought another novelty, the most beautiful lingerie collection from Brazil.
The collection DIVAS arose from the need to have to be beautiful, comfortable lingerie, with a retro cut and with a price that fits in your pocket.
We’re always looking for lingerie that are beautiful, comfortable and preferably put all our beauty in place, but almost always it turns into a problem.
It’s beautiful but it’s not comfortable, is comfortable but it’s bad, it’s beautiful but all brand that we don’t show or lingerie, but at first washed descostura and fades.
With that in mind, we select materials of impeccable quality and high compression, type export fabrics with tulle and embroidered laces that let a romantic, sexy and at the same time give us the comfort that we love lingerie use day in and day out, and best of all this is to have the dream lingerie in the style we love the most, the vintage.
There were many days of research, dedication and care that every detail to stay spotless. Now it’s official, it’s already released the first collection of Brazil’s most beautiful vintage lingerie, Dear Miss to pull the dreams of all us ladies Tupiniquins living dreaming of that wonderful lingerie of imported brands and often had no access.
We leave here a sample of what we have available, a limited edition set is one of those pieces that are beautiful and bring us comfort that we deserve for the rush of our daily lives.

The QS have products for real women, wonderful, that work, take care of the House and all the other tasks, but you can and should have that time dedicated to themselves. After all we are all divas and we could be even more wonderful with lingerie that bring us comfort, beauty and sensuality.
… because we deserve!