Medion Smartphone At Aldi Nord: New Edition for February 16

With the life p4310 (md98910), medion presented an own smartphone. 4.3 inch, the touch of device based on the chinese zte skate measures what is equivalent to a diagonal of 10.92 cm. Working inside a qualcomm processor that is clocked at 800 megahertz. A five-megapixel camera produces snapshots. Operating system is android 2.3.4 (gingerbread) to use. Are 512 megabytes available memory, a microsd card with four gigabyte attaches medion. The smartphone is 12 millimeters thick.

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100 mobile phones, samsung, apple, htc, lg & co. Sat-nav software on board
like medion, the equipment is extensive. The gopal navigator app includes navteq maps for the dach region (germany, austria, switzerland). Note: An internet connection is necessary to navigate. Functions include text-to-speech, tmcpro and a smart address. Are supplied with a bracket for the windshield, car charger, and a stereo headset included.

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assessment: Medion life p4310 (md 98910)
medion offers the life a smartphone with android operating system, which can keep up with display size and space with top devices by samsung or htc. Thanks to navigator app and accessory, you can use the device as well as a navigation device. The performance and processing you must do but clear cuts compared to the top models you pay so much for the medion life but also only half as for example for a samsung galaxy s2.

The aldi nord prospectus: Medion life p4310 (md 98910)

sufficient smartphones at aldi available?
The smartphone from the online-offer of discounters disappeared short before the first appearance in october. Due to delivery problems, aldi had only a very small number of units in stock. To prevent a run on the device, aldi had hired the advertising measures. It is unlikely that this could be the case again. The identical zte base lutea 2 but is a good alternative if you get nothing at aldi.