Medion Akoya P6634 (MD98930)

Known case and display
The housing in the anthracite metallic look is the same as with the akoya E6222. Also the screen is the same: On almost 40 centimetres (15.6 inch) diagonal 1366 x 768 pixels, it represents, as effective anti-reflective and shows therefore no reflections. The picture quality was below-the-line well.


The sandy bridge processor core i3-2350 M has two computing cores, which are clocked at each 2.3 gigahertz. Thus, the medion reached a high pace of work, the akoya quickly completed tasks with office programs such as word, excel, powerpoint, and internet surfing. The notebook was even compute-intensive tasks such as converting videos in other formats to play on smartphones, easily. Contribution of four gigabytes (GB) relatively richly stocked memory at.

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Medion akoya P6634 (MD98930): Design and features

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The graphics processor NVIDIA geforce GT 630 M with a GB private store alongside intel’s graphics chip HD 3000 is built. NVIDIA’s optimus technology switches back and forth between the graphics chips: Only if for example for playing much graphics power is needed, the geforce contributing its computing power. Otherwise, the intel chip calculates the images so the laptop uses less power. The NVIDIA graphics is not fast enough for graphically demanding games at high quality settings. Average, 24 frames per second are too little for a fluid display of games such as assassin s creed revelations. Intermediate grade for the gaming capabilities: 3.46 (satisfying). Find the test criteria in the article COMPUTER determined image the game tempo.

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Good service

The keyboard has large keys in addition to a separate numeric keypad. It is comfortable to touch. Touchpad responded in the test accurately to touch, put also gesture with two fingers well (about to turn photos or enlarge).

Endurance and volume

Also if the processor was powerful in the stuff and after cooler fan air demanded the notebook remained silent (0.7 sone). In normal operation, it was almost not to listen (0.4 sone). Top: The battery supplied the akoya when working around three and a half hours with power. When the film is playing he made flabby even until an hour later.

Memory and connections

The hard disk contains 466 GB data and programs. The akoya P6634 comes with a memory card reader and DVD writer. There are plenty of connectivity options: Network, wi-fi, bluetooth, USB 2.0/3.0. The audio output transmits digital signals (S/PDIF) and the notebook supports intel’s wireless transmission widi.

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Conclusion: Medion akoya P6634 (MD98930)

The medion akoya P6634 offers no new design for 499 euros, but with intel core i3 processor, 4 GB, the internal values can hardly wishes open. Memory, large hard drive, double graphics, long battery life, wi-fi, bluetooth and much software

Review conclusion: You need to know that

For 499 euro offers no new design the medion akoya P6634 , but with intel core i3 processor, 4 GB memory, large hard drive, double graphics, long battery life, wi-fi, bluetooth and much software the inner values leave nothing to be desired. Per order this product at amazon high pace of work good endurance low operating noise multifunction media without windows startup ordinary facilities against weak NVIDIA graphics test note of 2.02 editor well user rating now evaluate the medion akoya P6634 (MD98930) costs 499 euros at aldi. Sales start: 16 february 2012.