Meaning of Flag Signals

What is the meaning of the various flags used in autoren-and motor sport? This article gives a complete overview and also clearly shows the differences between autoren-and motor sports.

Who gives the flag signals and classification

There are flag signals will be given only by the stewards or marshals and flag signals used by both. There are two groups of flag signals; flags that provide information and flags that provide information and instructions to the driver. Flag Signals can be used to keep the flag or waves the flag. In addition, there is no difference in the meaning of the flag signals between the engine and the car races.

Flags that provide information

The following colors flags just give information to the driver and thus no instruction.

  • Orange flag
  • National flags
  • Green flag
  • White flag with diagonal Red Cross
  • Yellow/red striped flag

Flags that provide information and instruction

The following colors flags provides information to the driver and a special designation, which must accompany the rider.

  • Red flag
  • Yellow flag
  • Blue flag
  • Black Flag
  • Black flag with orange circle
  • Black/white checkered flag
  • Red flag with diagonal white cross
  • Purple flag code 60

The various flags and their meanings

At first get on the legend is based on motor sports, the italic text extensions or exemptions for car racing.

Orange or national flags

Used to start a race in which no starting light is present. Start signal must be given by dropping the flag, for events with a standing start, only up above your head may be after all participants to stand and in no event longer than 10 seconds.

Green flag

  • Swinging at the end of the pits: the pits opened.
  • Beckoned by the start: start the warm-up lap.
  • Swung on the course entitled: On the closing of the circle, which indicates that the job is complete, the station and position to indicate.
  • Kept quiet by closing the car: the Circuit is open to all traffic.
  • Kept silent at work posts: during the f first round of every workout, the term knee and warm-up lap to indicate where the job is.
  • Kept quiet on the job after: situation accident, circuit clean and safe overtaking is permitted again.
  • Swung at work posts: during the first round of each training session, the term knee and warm-up lap to indicate where the job is.
  • Swung on the job after: situation accident, circuit clean and safe overtaking is permitted again.

Yellow/red striped flag

TEG on job post: Deterioration of the grip in the next section below. This is made possible by oil but also, for example, water or gravel. This flag will appear in at least four rounds, unless the smoothness of the road surface is already gone. It is not necessary to appear on the runway heading after section route for what this flag is a green flag will be shown.

White flag with diagonal Red Cross

At national events:
Kept quiet by starter at the start/finish: single sediment, into one or more sections of the track.This flag is possibly in combination with the yellow/red striped flag is displayed if the light rainfall is led into the rain.

Black/white checkered flag

Waving to the start/finish: end of training or race.

Yellow flag

Waved: Signs of danger on or near the track. Riders must slow down and be prepared to stop. Overtaking is forbidden up to the point where the green flag will be shown, unless it is a very slow riders.

Double yellow flag

Waved: reduce your speed; no catch; be prepared to change direction or stop. There is a danger situation, as a result of which the circuit is completely or partially blocked.


  • Swinging: there is one other than a motor cycle in the section after this or next flag vehicles.Overtaking other riders is forbidden unless it is a very slow riders. Displayed on two posts before the vehicle. If you are allowed to drive the vehicle has gone again.
  • Swinging: there are a lot slower vehicles in the line after the path where the record flag appears.

Red flag

  • Swept along or on the job, solely on behalf of the contest: Workout or race is interrupted. Reduce speed and run a leisurely pace to the depot, start/finish or a location that the officials. Overtaking prohibited, unless it is a very slow drivers.
  • Kept quiet by closing car: Circuit closed for all traffic.
  • Silent is held at the end of the pit lane: Stop. Continue allowed.

Black Flag

Kept quiet with a driver number: the next passage stops in the pits. The decision of the contest or participation in the respective competition part still can be resumed. This flag is used to inform that he must ride in the pits at the next intersection and the rider in question must stop Clerk or at the place specified. If a rider, for any reason, fails to comply with it, this option should not be longer than four successive rounds are shown.

Black flag with orange circle

Kept quiet with a driver number immediately in a secure manner and place the stop due to a defect in the motorcycle. Continue, only after inspection by an official. The flag is used to inform the rider that his car has mechanical problems that could endanger themselves or others can give, and implies that he must stop at the next crossing to the Clerk. When the mechanical problems in its pit later corrected satisfactorily Technical Commission Chief, the car continued the race.

Blue flag

  • Waving along the track: You will be caught up or you can soon overtaken by a faster rider. You may not interfere with this driver.
  • During exercise: hold your own driving line but gives the opportunity to overtake.
  • During the race: you need as soon as possible to make room for letting faster drivers pass.
  • Shown waving to a rider who leaves the pit showing a passive blue flag, if approaching the other cars on the track.
  • Been silent demonstrated that a rider leaving the pit showing a passive blue flag, if approaching the other cars on the track.

Black/white flag divided diagonally into a black and white half

Kept quiet with a driver number: this flag appears only once, and is a warning to the driver in question, it has been reported that due to the unsportsmanlike conduct.

Purple flag code 60

Waving along the track: Neutralize training or competition. All drivers need to slow down immediately speed by letting the gas and take their speed down to 60 km per hour. Overtaking is not permitted if a participant issues that may result from mechanical or other problems related to very clearly slower than 60 km per hour.

Light signals

Flag signals can be replaced by light signals:

  • a yellow light: the same as a yellow flag move;
  • Two yellow lights: equivalent to move two yellow flags.
  • Green light: the same meaning as a green flag.
  • Red light: the same meaning as the red flag.

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