Maternity Clothes Buying Guides

To ascertain and avoid spending more than you need in maternity clothes, you must acquire comfortable items that can adapt to all stages of pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes Buying Guides

When can I start to buy maternity clothes? What will I need? Or What are the most practical models? These are some of the main questions that assail future moms who are still unaware of how to evolve your body during pregnancy. To hit the first and avoid, that spending on clothes and other garments is very high, also must, first and foremost, not to rush into shopping; purchase items that can adapt to all stages; and bet for comfort but without sacrificing the own style.

If you have no maternity clothes

Although each pregnancy is different , and each woman’s body evolves in a different way, up to the third or fourth month of pregnancy does not begin to appreciate the physical changes in the female figure. Waist begins to fade, the contour of the breast is increased and up to the foot seems that they modify its size. Since then, the woman is forced to renew their wardrobe, dispose of many of their regular models and begin to incorporate new garment which is called maternity clothes to your closet. See for sample items.

The wardrobe of the couple can be a good ally for the first months.

Adjustable skirts or jeans, blouses and t-shirts with special cutting and specific lingerie for pregnant women are some of the items that can be purchased to make the woman feel comfortable during pregnancy.

But it is not necessary to exceed, above all, because these items are often priced higher than regular clothing and you can also leverage other resources to go well dressed in the pregnancy without compromising the Pocket too.

Five essential guidelines

  • During the first months. The first stage of gestation is one of the more difficult because, although usual shirts or pants already do not close well, maternity clothes either adjusts to the body and is too loose. For these months, it is advisable to buy or borrow some clothes from one or two sizes that, moreover, they will serve later for use in the first months after birth, until the female body returns to normal.
  • Not everything has to be maternity. Today, many fashion garments are versatile designs that allow to be both pregnant without being it. Shirts and baggy smocks and pants and skirts with elastic waistband are some of the items that can be purchased for the wardrobe without having to remove them once the baby was born.
  • Choose pants. The garment are par excellence and almost must-buy maternity. That is why it is necessary to meditate well your choice. It is necessary to try on the different models and check what is the adjustment system with which women are feeling more comfortable (waist that expands with eyelets, supplement annex to accommodate the tummy, etc.). It should pay particular attention to the waist (to cover the tummy or which has a band that hold the lower part of the gut), as well as the fabric (elastic, Lycra, etc.), and try to purchase the maternity jeans that may have greater durability during gestation.
  • Well calculate the dates. A pregnancy beginning in January ends in September. Therefore, should calculate that the season in which the maternity clothes will serve as a more useful will be summer. At the time of purchase must be taken to acquire versatile garments that can be used throughout the season and, in any case, adapted to the climatic characteristics of the final stages of pregnancy, which will be when more utility will give them.
  • Special attention to underwear. During pregnancy, underwear should be as comfortable as possible to avoid pressing both the chest and belly. In all likelihood, it will be necessary to acquire one or two higher than the usual size fasteners. It is advisable to opt for models without rings, various positions of contour strapless resistant that hold the breast well and who have natural fabrics that will prevent sweating. On the other hand, panties must adapt to the body of the pregnant woman and, above all, does not compress the belly. In the market there are the so-called “maternal panties”, that are designed specifically for the stage of gestation.
  • It is not necessary to purchase many items, but yes ensure that clothing that is purchased is easily combinable among themselves, so that, with a few pieces, various models can occur and they can be modified easily with accessories such as scarves, chains or bags.
  • To be used for a short time, the maternity clothes, in general, is in very good condition and not always turns to use. No doubt ask clothing borrowed from friends, sisters or sisters-in-law. Women will avoid costs to rise too.
  • The feet swell and grow during pregnancy. This explains, at times, be necessary to acquire a number of largest calzado. These shoes will probably remain useful after the baby is born.
  • The wardrobe of the couple can be a good ally for the first months. Shirts and loose-fitting shirts, even if they are male, can be very useful for pregnant women.
  • The skirts and dresses are, in general, more comfortable for pregnant women, since they do not compress any part of the body and facilitate movements.
  • They pants and skirts adapters (“flexi-belt” and “belly-belt”) that allow are available in the market continue to use the usual women’s clothing during the first months of pregnancy. These adapters have a mechanism that allows expanding waist of trousers and skirts, using a paste which is a piece of cloth (white, blue and black) to cover the area and does not teach the panties.