Markers and Hidden Records and Protected with Fingerprint with The Browser Samsung for Android 4.0

To Samsung devices are adopting Android 6.0, beginning with models Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, your users check that one of the elements that more progress has been made is your browser. Much has been said of Touchwiz with Marshmallow, what has changed but Samsung Internet for Android 4.0 also comes complete.

It is not that it is an impressive collection of inventions, but if it takes a little of each opponent to apply to them their technologies, their own and the licensed.

So secret, a hidden corner of personal information

The secret mode is the highlight of this version, a function that you can get great party. Take something as simple as incognito browsing which many browsers and combines it with the fingerprint reader to create a small hidden world.

In this way, you can browse privately without leaving traces of history, cookies or forms as usual or a secret area where all these data are Yes registered phone but are only accessible through the fingerprint reader can be mounted. It works with Secure Web Auto Login and promises include more biometric patterns in the future.

Sync with the VR browser

Samsung Internet for Android and Gear VR share bookmarks and history videos. The headset has its own browser, prepared to see 360 ° video and 3D, although of those you don’t have so many the net when, as well as current videos in YouTube HTML5. Thanks to the synchronization is easier to search, select and view with the device and its uneasy virtual keyboard.

At the moment, Samsung leaves already mounted the infrastructure for the long term and is a layer of utility to your device. Finally and after all, increasingly there are more developments that have started to build technology VR based on web standards, such as JanusVR for that soon there will be more content available through the browser and not separate apps.

Other features

The list of improvements in this version of the browser is a bit more extensive, but I’m going to meet with two. The first, the possibility of installing extensions to block advertising, something that time has been already running in other mobile browsers. The second, a System cross-app that allows open webs within another application, for example, for Messaging. This feature gives much more than yes because it behaves in the same way to open photos or videos.

Beyond that recipients through updates to the operating system, will be able to access this version 4.0 Internet Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 + Edge, Note3, Note4 or Note5 with Android 4.4 or higher who have. They may do so through the market of the company or the Play Store, although for the moment the product tab displays version 3.2.38.

Samsung is playing increasingly Android versions, but in regards to the browser follows away from Chrome.