Mark Tuitert Olympische Medailles

Mark Tuitert is a Dutch skater, which is particularly strong in riding on the 1500 metres. At that distance, he was at the Olympics in Vancouver 2010 Olympic champion.Earlier, he won the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Allround again and he won the World Championship in the 1500 metres. More about Mark Tuitert in 2010 to run for the control, refer to this article.


Mark Tuitert was born april 4, 1980 in Holten Overijselse and later moved to Heerenveen. Tuitert doing besides skating for a long time to go ice skating, but decided later in life to focus completely on ice skates. At the 1998 world junior championships he took silver, followed a year later by the title. He ran a strong European Allround Championship, but fell on the 1500 metres, the 3rd the distance.


Tuitert came in 2000 for the first time in action on a LINK distance and thus managed to book all the fine performance with the 5th, 5th and 6th place in the 1500 metres, 5 km and 10 km. One year later, he won his first medals on NK; Silver on the 1500 metres and the bronze medal at the National Championships Allround.
In 2002, Tuitert struggling with Lyme disease and had a season almost completely to let lie. In 2004, he achieved his first major international victory and took revenge on his case at the European Championships in 2001; He won the gold. He also won that year’s WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS over 1500 meters and he picked up the same distance silver at the World Championship distance. In the following years, he continued to focus primarily on the 1500 metres and then again he picked up a silver medal and a World Championship distance. As of 2007, Tuitert to focus more on shorter distances, and it left the allround left. He drove himself nationally after a few years again on the podium, but did not achieve greater profits.
His greatest success in his career Tuitert booked at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. He stood there for 1000 meters, was part of the team pursuit and also competed in the 1500 metres. At this distance, he managed to surprise including Shani Davis be too rapid and too crowned Olympic champions.Anno 2010 Tuitert gets out of control ice skating team.

Personal records

*: Updated until the start of the season 2010-2011


*: Updated until the start of the season 2010-2011