Makeup Tips For Pregnancy

Want to know how to put on makeup to enhance your face during pregnancy?
Makeup tips for pregnancy
Pregnancy can give that special air for many women, but can also bring unexpected surprises, especially in visual of the skin.

The following practical suggestions to make up for that in a few minutes, you give that up in appearance and, along with it, on self-esteem.
Look well-rested
To diminish dark circles and puffiness under the eye, a light layer of soothing cream for eyes (do not use anything that contains retinoico acid, product not recommended during pregnancy).

Then, apply sunscreen and, with a brush or your fingertips, a bit of concealer, spreading well.

Brands covered
Enjoy the concealer and apply also, gently, over small patches and red dots on the face. Don’t exaggerate not to draw more attention.

Finish overall, especially in the nose, forehead and neck, with a compact dry and the skin tone. It’s great to cover the extra glow to the skin.

Flushed skin
Any other item of your travel case has the power to lift the face, light eyes and make it look like that the night’s sleep was a success as a blush.

Creamy blushes have the advantage of also act as color for the mouth. To know where to apply, smile and pass on the cheekbones, top to bottom.

Cat’s eyes
A delicate passed from pencil brown/black with the upper and lower lashes helps you define your eyes without requiring great accuracy. If you do not have experience using Eyelash curler to enhance eyelashes, go straight to a black mask to stretch them instantly.

Pass the mascara with care and without excess product from one side to the other, in order to separate the lashes and prolong the effect.
Powerful lips
A mouth stained brings lightness and joy to his face, in addition to becoming a prominent point away from your eyes beyond tired.

The rule not to err on the lipstick is to choose one or two shades darker than your skin, but don’t be afraid to dare with a strong red, even during the day. Gloss or gloss are also good alternatives.
Face renewed
Granted via Beautypically, your body, your skin and your hair are different, and sometimes beats that dismay to do any production. But freak out this slump and follow our tips, you won’t regret it.

In less than 10 minutes and without spending anything, you will feel a lot more confident and happy with your appearance.