Makeup Tips for Orientals

The Oriental women bring with them not only a rich culture. They have different traits of most women and therefore must have a type of makeup specifically for them. The Asians have slanted eyes, skin with yellow tone and the eyelashes more straight.

One of the ways to get a make incredible is following their natural traits. The makeup is not meant to change the personality of the person and to appreciate what she has to offer. In this case, it is clear that Eastern eyes draws attention and emphasize this part of the face will make you a with mega visual.

Valuing your eyes

Without doubt what the Orientals have more of highlight and differential of rest of the women are slanted eyes. The first feature to be observed at the time of makeup is that the eyelids are flatter and lose the idea of depth that the Westerners have. At this time, the darker shades like brown or black are welcome to mark the concave.

However, not to let the eye even more closed the best option is up in smoke a lot. Make a gradient from bottom to top, leaving the darker to the lighter. Another tip is to use a pencil in the waterline as white or nude and abusing the mascara.

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Makeup for use during the day

Makeup for Oriental does not differ much from Westerners. The rule is simple: good coverage and always leaving the make as natural as possible. To open the look, the more mascara best and you can also help by using the eyelash curler.

If you’re going to use some eyeliner above the lashes always try to pull it up when it arrives at the outer corner of the eyes. This will prevent your eyes stay fallen passing the impression of tiredness. Enjoy the shade Brown for blending a little eye on concave region.

Makeup for oriental: night

Go out at night you always order a little more glamor. Pushing a little more of the colors, especially the darker is allowed. Use a mouth red and mark well my eyes are typical makes a good ballad or out with friends.

Here remains the music of dark shadows and blur gradient. The outlined can be done with a dash more thick and well kitten style. As for the eyelashes, the tip remains: mask them. False eyelashes are very useful at the time and a good Eyelash curler to open even more.

Tips for buying the right color

If there’s one thing that a lot of women usually misses is the tone of the base, powder and concealer. Asian girls should have a bit more careful because the color of your skin is a little different. When buying the base your prefer to go to a place where you can test them. The right Foundation should identical to your skin tone.

For blush, coral and peach tones are very welcome, but take care not to overdo the quantity and refine the face. As for eyes, one of the most common requests in the Asian salons is to keep your eyes bigger. Dark shadows and mascara are good solutions.