Makeup for Every Age: Makeup Tips

Makeup undoubtedly enhances the femininity and leaves his wife even more beautiful and sensual, but each track must be attentive to Etheria kind of correct and appropriate makeup. So avoid exaggerations and stay connected in the tips below.

Makeup To 20 Years:

Cause pimples and oils leaves the skin glowing. Cleaning cloths, before makeup from, is fundamental.

What To Use To Make The Make

If you have dark circles or pimples, use concealer. At night, invest in an oil-free basis (without oil) or matte, to reduce the greasiness. Above, apply powder or base with gloss, which give Tan effect. In the cheekbones, pass the cream blush, to give a Ruddy appearance.

Mark eyes with black or graphite, shadow and light with sparkling clear shadows and cheerful. At the root of the lower eyelashes, black or brown pencil pass. Don’t skimp on the mascara and use a pink gloss, with transparent effect.

Avoid Using:

Cosmetics that are not oil-free they leave the skin glowing and even more oily.
Lip contour pencil On your age, the line is well defined, and the pencil give a look.
Eyes and mouth very marked This age effect. Featured just one at a time.

Makeup To 30 Years:

In this phase appear the first signs of the time, such as fine lines on the eyelid. Makeup conceals blemishes, expression marks and wrinkles.

What To Wear In The Make

If the skin shows wrinkles, spots and fine wrinkles, use concealer and creamy base, to standardize the appearance. Choose your skin tones next to. If the laundry is plunging, pass also in the neck.

Apply powder on nose, forehead and Chin. The shadow (powder or cream) can be in earth tones and black. The black or brown pencil must be used subtly, obliterated in the root of the eyelashes. To complete, a mascara alongador. And abuse of blush pink, giving healthy and youthful appearance. Finish with lipstick mouth.

Avoid Using:

The cover is thick stick correctives and breaks to smile.
Heavy bases the skin loses its natural shine.
Yellow and grey shadows highlight the eyelid sagging.
Exaggerating the amount of face powder Enhance wrinkles.
Lips very marked with pencil That gets old.

Over 40 Makeup:

Hydration and the natural brightness decreased. Choose more products, moisturizers that leave skin silky.

What To Wear In The Make

Prefer the bases and the creamy ingredients correctives tensors. If your eyebrows are thin or failures, reinforce them with pencil in the same tone and vanish as well. Use opaque shadows (Beige, champagne, Brown), that illuminate without polishing. Prefer a mascara that add volume.

To raise the look, take several strokes in the upper eyelashes at the outer corner. Apply blush peach or salmon on the cheekbones, going up diagonally to the temples, to open the expression. Outline the lips with a pencil and fill in with lipstick brick or wine.

Avoid Using:

Sparkling, shiny makeup or glitter Tux highlight the wrinkles.
Creamy shadows Highlight the flab.
Thin eyebrows Give look aged.
Exaggerate the amount of compact and base
Use just to delete the brightness of the forehead and nose. Excess enhances the lines.