Makeup Bareminerals Arrives In Brazil

If you love makeup, prepare the heart because this post contains shocking scenes and fascinating! I had the privilege of being invited to attend the launch of the American brand bareMinerals, which revolutionized the market using pure mineral makeup. The mark arrives in June in Brazil with two stores in São Paulo, the principle: one in shopping Pátio Higienópolis, which opens on 12, and one in shopping Villa-Lobos, who will be inaugurated on day 13. The products can also be purchased online through the website of Sephora/Sack’s.

The bareMinerals is very specialized in the face so I developed the most amazing products – I swear–for we magnify the beauty that we already have. The most prizedproduct of which is the original base, which has won more than 20 awards. You know what’s wonderful? The base is available in 20 shades, with two types of finish: matte and original. You have no excuse to be sponsored by Dona Benta or by OoompaLoompas ‘ Association from now on, right? We, err on the base and the concealer is too ugly … goes on in bare Minerals and makes the tone test that you never pay mico because are 20 shades … 20.

I spoke with the cheap makeup bareMinerals officer in, the beautiful and very cuteSarah-Jane Froom, which is called SJ, and she explained to me that the products are free of preservatives, talc, fragrance, paraben free and oils, so help treat the skin and not the bully like so many other cosmetics do. They still are rich in nutrients and the coolest thing is that the face products contain sun protection factor UVA/UVB.

I had never used real mineral makeup and I’m going to tell you something: I and all the other bloggers I talked to at the event agreed that bareMinerals finish is very differentiated. You look at people and they were lit, with a skin of celebrity. I fell in love with everything, I tested everything I could out there and I’m going to tell you truth: the bareMinerals won my heart because it’s all very, very good!

Know the product that left me completely nuts? The first of them. It’s something quite spectacular. Just trying to understand: he leaves your skin softer than a peach, completely smooth-and you know that my skin has allergy and is very dry. The next day, when I woke up, my skin was super soft and moisturized and can only have beenthe primer because I didn’t spend anything to sleep, just removed the makeup, buthe should have hydrated while in my skin because she woke up amazing! Sorry Benefit, but the PORE fessional was to shame after experiencing this primer from bareMinerals.

I will tell a little more about the products … Yes, I know that the post’s great, but I’m going through all possible information to you because I’m writing with taste! Are 40shadow tones with different finishes: high cintilância and matte. The sparkling shineTOO and if used with the wet brush, shine even more. With the use of primer for eyes are super intense. Already the blushs comes in 20 shades, through roses, corals and plums-those more geared toward the shade of purple and plum. Is one more beautiful than the other!

I have more things to tell you, but I will distribute this information in more specific and short posts because this one really big already! I spoke with the folks at brand and I have a lot of cool information that tell over the next few days. The bareMineralshas different products, which I had never seen before, so I will speak separately withtips on how to use and soon I will make a very nice tutorial for you! Stand by!

Meanwhile, check out pictures of the event!