Make Your Self Decoupage Candle

Decoupage, expression, someone who knows very well the other hesitates to someone is a big question mark. This is a highly original artistic-decorative technique that uses napkins imprinted. Can revive as ceramics, porcelain, paper, plastic, textiles, and candles. And in today’s article we will focus just on decoupage technique applied to the candle.

We made ​​a wholesale gift or mere decoration for themselves in the form of decorated candles, we need: a napkin with the selected theme to your taste, a special glue to decoupage – purchased at hobby needs, sharp scissors, brush, preferably flat, the candle preferably white cylindrical wider, a piece of cloth to wipe off excess glue. decorate a candle decoupage technique can, depending on what occasion or period to be useful. As a theme, you can choose a neutral flowers suitable for the approaching spring, straight or motive Easter, the theme of nature, a very nice look at the candlelight and the suggestions of exotic animals, beautifully decorate can even candles for the Christmas table. The choice is yours. We chose for our progress floral theme. So first sharp scissors obstřihneme as accurately motif on a napkin. We try to obstřihovat topic as narrowly as possible by edges that visually the resulting work as complete as possible. Diligence in cutting this stage it is worth, you will see that at the end the result will be extremely happy if you patiently obstřihávat even the smallest details in the image.

Once the flower cut out, peel off the bottom of the motive unstained two layers of napkins for our work we only need the upper layer applications. Now we start with the application of adhesive. Use a flat brush to spread the candle layer of glue on Decoupage. Layer should not be too strong so that it napkin unnecessarily deform and finally it was not necessary to remove a large amount neupotřebeného adhesive.

Napkin now attach carefully at the candle in place with adhesive applied. Smooth napkin with a brush and be at this stage very careful now could easily wipe a tear. Let the whole application to dry slowly. After completely dry, you can wipe the place with the application once more, to increase the effect of gloss on plug.  Furthermore, the candle handle again after complete drying of the adhesive. You can then, for example, outlines the flowers or the entire theme to highlight contours using more colors in glass tubes. Theme and will increase in plasticity.