Live Baits For Sea Fishing

For sea fishing using natural baits is recommended because they are more attractive to fish, since they emit a natural scent that attracts predators. You can choose from a variety of options such as earthworms, crustaceans, fish, cuttlefish, squid and molluscs. They are all special for sea fish.

Worms For Fishing of Sea

Marine worms are baits recommended for sea fishing because they are very attractive for a wide variety of fish.

Korean. It’s a Korean ringed worm of Khaki, which measured between 10 and 15 cm in length. For use in sea fishing is you must thread gently over your head so it ripple in the water. The advantage of this type of Assembly is that better supports the attacks. Used much for sea fishing from the shore, as the dam, the jetty and the port, or fishing for sea of surfcasting. To avoid the worm to run off when mounting, you must pass the fingertips along the sand.

North. He is also known as minoca or binoca in areas of the Mediterranean. It’s a more flexible than the Korean, only that fewer solid worm. It has a size ranging from 6 to 12 cm; and when it has the same characteristics, but it is thicker, then it’s another variety called Super North. To install the hook, you must thread the head. Used much for sea fishing from the shore, as the dam, the breakwater or port.

Jumbo. It’s a bait green color, consistent texture with a size that varies between 12 and 25 cm. It is ideal for fishing for sea at night, since it has a phosphorescent color. To install, you must thread a needle along the body; first by clicking the worm with the needle, and after adjusting the tip of the hook on the needle by sliding the bait with delicacy. Used much for sea fishing from the shore, as the dam, the jetty and the port, or sustain fishing and surfcasting.

Arenicola. It is a black worm, measuring between 10 and 20 cm. It is well known in the Atlantic coast and the English channel, although not much known in the Mediterranean. For mounting you must thread into pieces or splishing whole with a needle. Used much for fishing as the dam, the jetty and port techniques; or for fishing from the boat or the surfcasting.

Bibi. It’s a solid, thick and short, very resistant to powerful thrown bait. It measures approximately between 5 cm and 12 cm; a size that allows you to select the larger fish, such as for example the real Golden. For mounting the hook should slide gently with a needle. You can use it for sea fishing from the shore, as the dam, the breakwater or port; or for fishing from the boat or the surfcasting.

Sea with Fishes and Mollusks Fishing

Live or dead fish are an excellent choice for sea fishing, because it is hard to resist a so appetizing and nutritious snack for predators. As regards molluscs, these are prized bait for groundfish as bream or Seabass marauding Oyster hatcheries to feed on these molluscs.

Sardine. It is a very easy to get to sea fishing and also is very effective because it attracts all the species of fish. It can be mounted on the hook as live bait or in pieces. And it is very useful for all types of sea fishing.

Garfish. It is a fish that is collected at low tide with a small rake. It is a live bait for mounting you must anzolar the garfish from the top of the head to make it whole. If you want to launch, you must well tie it so not disengaged. It is used in any kind of sea fishing.

Mackerel. Used much either by boat or from the shore with a machine-gun of feathers. For mounting you must go anzolado to pieces on the hook. Used much in holding fishing or fishing from the shore as the dam, the breakwater or port.

Mussels. For mounting, you should take the bait and click directly on the mussel. As the body is attached to the shells by muscles, you can remove the shells and prick a second mussel in the hook.