Light Spring Office

Even hü, hot times! So, I would describe my current mood. Last night, I was close to tears, yet shortly after a tour of the district Hall. Today, jump I full of energy out of bed and do a little party in the car on the way to work. The hormones acting but kind of weird. After dinner, everything was good again last night. Once again the weather in Germany looks exactly like my mood. Times warm, even cold, the Sun is shining, time it rains… So I know it as well! Every year just in time for my birthday, it is again cold and rainy or snowing.

A little to the face and to show you my newest addition there is a “light spring office look” today.

This Smart Maternity Trousers Did To Totally Me.

She is from H & M and corresponds completely to my taste. I love destroyed jeans, although you can wear them for any occasion. I would work in a creative agency or be self-employed, that would be my Office look. The jeans and the chucks are available for casual thinking. The blouse is all a touch of seriousness. The belly has been growing since the 19th week and the little developed very well. Fine the Ruby and MOM again. We are looking forward to spring! Like you my light spring office look? You looking forward also to the spring? Tell us through philosophynearby.