LG X 3 P880: Features and Benchmark of The First Smartphone with Nvidia Tegra 3

Seems to confirm that, as HTC with its Endeavor, the Koreans of LG also going to launch a smartphone quad – core based on the SOC Nvidia Tegra 3.

This new smartphone “ powered by Tegra 3 ” by the name of LG X 3 P880, and as we can see in the filtered images will have the new version of Android 4.0.3, but with the 2.6 Kernel, given that products based on Tegra 3 they do not support the new version 3.0 present in the Galaxy Nexus range and other devices not Tegra processors.

Have also confirmed the technical characteristics This new LG Smartphone, and as we can see in the following list, the terminal will come well equipped:

  • Screen 4.7 inches. Resolucion HD (1280 × 720 pixels).
  • Quad – core processor Nvidia Tegra 3 (1.5 GHz in single mode – core, 1.4 GHz when it works with 2 or 4 nuclei.) SMP Core management and operations at idle that need saving battery).
  • Battery 2000 mAh.
  • 16GB expandable internal storage via microSD card memory.
  • Main 8 megapixel camera with fast shutter. Front camera of 1.3 megapixel.
  • 4.0.3 Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

In addition, and as you can see in the images, we also see the first benchmark made to this new Android smartphones heavyweight, where checks that It marks a high point of reference compared with devices from the likes of the Galaxy Nexus, which practically doubles its 4412 points.

Little more can be drawn from these leaked screenshots, only that the interface has a discreet customization, Although it is likely still not be the final version with which the device will be released- Can we see it already at the Mobile World Congress?