LG QuickCircle Is Official before Presentation of LG G3

Yesterday I showed them the final specifications of the LG G3, at least the model that will be sold in South Korea, but also teach you that there was a new shell with circular window. Today has been made official, and is called LG QuickCircle.

Koreans like this teach things before presenting them at a marked date in the calendar – in this case may 27 – they get to talk about them, and somehow, allow us to go assimilating the news with ease.

As you advance, the window on the central top of the front cover, is circular, and not only reveals what is in that area of the screen, but LG has created a touchscreen interface especially for her. The best thing is you know it in your video presentation:

We can see a series of icons aligned is displayed as main window in a circle, making direct access to the main features. From the window we can see the time and date, send and read messages, taking photographs, see our sports activity parameters, or listen to music.

Interesting to know that LG wants to make available to developers the tools that they include their applications in window. Finally, the casing is compatible with wireless Chargers Qi.

In addition to the features, not missing colorful in the offer for the LG QuickCircle (Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint and Indian Pink):

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