LG G3 Will Definitely Arrive 27 of May

I think that there was little doubt that LG G3 is about to be presented. Much has been written about it (its characteristics are known in great detail, some images have been and even also know part of their new interface) and, although he began to speculate with a date, in the end this is confirmed. On 27 May will be presented in public.

LG has made official the release date together with a video in which some of the benefits we expect from the new terminal are displayed very quickly. To emphasize the body-metal type, we understand that aluminum, or the camera which appears to be another of the protagonists. We remind you that also expected a 2K display, the G3 becoming one of the first handsets to make use of this technology.

The information comes directly from LG, so the Tuesday May 27th in London, at 18:00 local time (19:00 in Spain) will begin the presentation of the device and the few questions that still remain will be reveal. The new flagship in which LG has many expectations placed will be light in a couple of weeks.

Have you already seen the first pictures of the new LG G3? On May 27 here it is officially 😉 our site

— LG Spain (@LG_ES) may 13, 2014