LG G3 Will Be Presented on May 27, at an Event with Six Cities

LG is having a few numbers interesting on this Smartphone, although still far from the leaders, is postulated as an alternative, especially when we speak of hardware and innovations to market. We could say that a couple of years have been a deep image facelift, since they had started from a situation quite negative in important markets.

The Koreans play to go out of date with respect to the proposals of the competition, as we have seen a new HTC One, and a Samsung Galaxy S5, when its equivalent terminal was presented last summer, LG G2. The renewal with the LG G3 is close, but a couple of months after the competition have to their terminals circulating on the market.

The company is already sending invitations to media for a global event days 27 and 28 may. To give you idea of deployment, will take place in six locations different: San Francisco, New York, London, the first day. Seoul, Singapore, and Istanbul on the second day.

There is no test explicitly inform us that the protagonist is the LG G3, but everything suggests that it will be, since it is expected for the second quarter of the year, and we doubt that LG has something more important to submit in May. Well Yes, the “G” of the announcement leaves no doubts of the type of device that will present.

Also mindful of the motto, “to be simple is to be” Great”, inviting us to think that they are committed to the simple, rather than complicate things, a shot toward a competitor?

For those interested in the phone, you have already taught a first picture of the back, with the buttons on the back. We also have a gallery with the expected user interface, and a Japanese phone that could overtake us quite a bit about the new product.