LG G3, The Information

We have traveled to London to visit one of the most anticipated renovations this year, the flagship of LG. The LG G3 it’s official and it is presented as a smartphone “premium” which, according to the CEO of the Korean company, is listen and learn from users. The successor of the LG G2 – one of the surprises of 2013 – does not disappoint.

Best finishes and camera, Quad HD screen, innovation in the battery and the same determination to minimize the frames of the front are some of its key features. As we prepare our first live impressions, we will review the specifications of the LG G3, I knew almost complete thanks to the numerous leaks.


The G2 not convinced everyone with its rear panel, but LG is kept on its heels and back to bet on this special button layout so that the front panel frame is reduced to a minimum. LG G3 growing up to 5.5 inches but measuring 146,3 mm high by wide, virtually the same as a Sony Xperia Z2 74.6.

In terms of ergonomics: the back cover has a curvature which improves grip phone, and this non-fattening on the former: measures 8.9 mm thick and weighs 149 grams (which distributed at 5.5 inches will not be noticed).

Where we noticed an important intention of improvement is in the finishes: the plastic housing has appearance of polished metal and it is made fingerprint-proof. It will come in five colors that we have seen on the cover: Black metallic, White Pearl, gold, pink and purple.


The first thing to note is the screen, which in fact we had already presented last year. It is a 5.5 inch LCD panel with resolution 2560 × 1440 Quad HD, the same amount of pixels that has a 27-inch iMac. If we count, we get a density of 538 DPI pixels. LG promises us more sharpness and clarity, and we do not doubt it, although it would have to do if our eye is able to appreciate this improvement enough as to make it worth the energy costs extra.

LG knew that we were going to ask that question, and why they have also improved the battery. The novelty is that replaces metal cathode with graphite, extending its useful life and therefore their autonomy is not reduced over the years. The capacity remains in the same 3,000 mAh carrying the G2 but yes, it is removable.

The third improvement to highlight is the camera. As filtado had, strange rear sensor is an auto focus laser: helps to better measure the distance with the object we are going to photograph and accelerates the capture. The camera includes a sensor of 13 megapixels with optical stabilizer image OIS +, who presented with LG G Pro 2. The camera program has adapted to the speed of the laser focus, and now makes the photo as soon as we put the finger on what we want to focus.

And in the era of the selfies, have not forgotten in improve the front-facing camera, that it continues to have a resolution of 2.1 Megapixels but with brighter thanks to a greater aperture lens. The software helps in terea do portraits with a control system by gestures (opening and closing his fist to make a capture in countdown).

Unsurprisingly, the G3 LG takes the chipset Snapdragon 801 Qualcomm (in its quad-core 2.5 GHz configuration) with LTE connectivity. As for the memory, includes 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB internal flash and adds a port to up to 128 GB microSD, which can be accessed by removing the cover.


But when LG says that he has listened to users, refer to the news of software. The graphical interface of the LG G3 (which runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat) is simpler, with iconography flat and less animation, which in itself is a movement in the opposite direction to what we had used.

Updates to software that we use most will possibly be the keyboard Smart Keyboard and Knock Code. Keyboard promises to reduce the errata by 75% to learn from our way of writing, while the improved version of KnockON allows us to turn and unlock the screen with custom patterns or a sequence of touches on the glass.

A curious novelty of software is Smart Notice, a personal assistant that makes us recommendations “proactively”: for example, if we have many applications without use, ask us if we want to eliminate them; or if recently we reject a call, suggests that bring back it now that we have time.

LG G3, price and availability

The QuickCircle is an improvement of QuickWindow of the LG G2 cover

As we mentioned, the phone will be available in five colors: Black metallic, White Pearl, gold, pink and purple. It will be accompanied by three accessories of high quality we already knew: the cover QuickCircle, the bluetooth headset LG Tone Infinim manufactured by Harman Kardon and a foldable wireless charger.

Will be marketed globally through 170 operators, beginning in May 28 in South Korea. We will update this section as soon as we know data official launch and sale price in Spain.