LG G3 Software Improvements Will Not Come to Earlier Models

The presentation of the LG G3 gave to much: improvements on your screen and your unique design – and that, despite the use of the plastic – in addition to a lot of new features in the software. LG has integrated important optimizations in various sections such as the keyboard, Wizard, or security.

And yet, we have bad news: those improvements “in principle” not reach previous LG smartphones. The Spanish division of the company has confirmed it officially, and that means there will be no updates for the LG G2 or other models of the firm that may benefit also from these capabilities.

At LG do not give grounds for that decision, and although we asked do not know if it is a technical or logistical decision and business. Features so as Smart Keyboard or Smart Notice (something like the Google Now LG) or Knock Code only will be available on LG G3, and there will be no updates (again, “in principle”) that provide these improvements to other models.

A pity, especially taking into account that terminals such as the LG G2 are still among the favourites of the users of the firm. In fact, the comments that we have received both here and in Engadget or Xataka Android precisely valued in many cases if upgrading from the G2 or the G3 made sense or not. It seems that LG wants to convince software users with that argument of the improvements, Although many would have preferred that those updates also got his predecessor.