LG G3 Metal Would Impose an Additional Cost of $300

The presentation of the G3 LG has made it clear that this terminal is postulated as one of the leaders in the high range in the coming months, and that despite having taken design decisions that some consider more typical of a middle range: the plastic housing is usual these criticisms Center.

In our first impressions, it became clear that this housing with finishes is very appropriate, but also carries major advantages. Among them, the cost savings: one of the directors of LG says that have used metal would have increased the price by $300 Additional.

In an interview with Vice President of mobile design, Chul Bae Lee, TrustedReviews explained that the decision of integrate a plastic housing with false metal texture was the most successful, Since the costs of use real metal would have been too high for consumers.

In addition, explained Lee, this material would have made that the terminal was heavier, less firm a grip and had necessitated a more voluminous framework that would have harmed the overall design. The truth is that although the LG G3 prices are not yet known that are known from a direct competitor with metal housing: the HTC One M8 left at 729 euros, so we assume that LG model will be sold at a price clearly below.