LG G3 Incorporate Function Kill Switch to Disable The Phone in Case of Theft

Long has been turning to improve the safety of our smartphones in case of theft. It is not simply to wipe its internal memory to protect our personal information in case of loss or theft, but it also can disable the phone remotely so the alien friends have less incentive to steal mobile.

And several of the most important manufacturers of the world recently reached an agreement to implement the remote disable or Kill Switch before July 2015, but LG has already overtaken them. The new LG G3 It will include the option to disable our phone series in case of theft, and it can enable again in case of recovering.

As much as thefts of phones are more fashionable than ever, by its increased value, measures to prevent their theft have not advanced too. Is true that for example Android Device Manager allows remote wipe of the memory of the phone, your location lock or that Apple offers a similar solution with Find My iPhone, but at this point all manufacturers they should have made greater efforts to discourage the theft of smartphones.

And the first manufacturer who has taken the step following the announcement of the agreement between manufacturers has been LG, allowing you to remotely disable the new G3, so that their theft is less attractive, making it difficult to sale or use by the thief. We can obviously also delete all personal information stolen phone to protect our privacy.

With this step, LG point the way to other manufacturers, which could even include the Kill Switch on terminals already launched on the market through a software upgrade, something that could well also do LG with its other models giving example. Now also It remains to check if that remote disabling is 100% effective and we do not see how someone manages to evade it.