LG G3 in a First Image, The Buttons Back to Back

During the week I teach something about the user interface of the next LG G3, and as it seems that we have entered into a campaign of leaks, before your actual presentation, we do not believe rare to meet with a first image, in which we see the back of the device.

LG has caught taste to that place the buttons on the back, and it seems that it will be normal in the G series. The image is quite altered, is hard to see something more, but enough to see that the design house with the protective covers which had also released days ago. Ahead we can expect something similar to the LG Esai, with little screen frame.

We can see that the camera is flanked by two elements, one are sure is a flash, and the other can not interpret is, would a speaker?. We have already seen the button configuration on LG G2 or G Pro 2.

What is expected of this G3 is to do as the G2, which anticipate the hardware that the high-end Android will use, but a few months earlier. For example, the screen Quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels), possibly 5.5 inch.

Not spoken anything resistance phone, but taking into account that the competition has been taken seriously here, would not surprise us to take lent the idea. Other details expected are a Chamber of 16-Megapixel, 3GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, and different colors in its staging, as the Golden: