LG Esai Japanese We Would Be Ahead of Details of LG G3

Korean, dominating brands globally in this mobile, cuesta les horrors gain a foothold in the Japanese market. There runs the iPhone and local brands, little more. Both LG and Samsung preparing special terminals for them, from the hand of the main operators.

The case of the next phone from LG, It could be revealing details of the LG G3, and who knows if a future Nexus. Is not the first time that we saw a phone signup premiering there before, and then slightly change in the international market, such as the Xperia Compact or HTC Butterfly.

We are going with the protagonist of the story, the LG Jesse, evleaks shows us a couple of images. It’s a smartphone that will be shown exclusively with the operator KDDI, and having things of LG G2, with new details.

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— @evleaks (@evleaks) April 15, 2014

Firstly, the screen frame is minimal, what we can add to that the navigation buttons will drawn on screen, so the front is virtually screen. By giving it back to the phone, the buttons are on the back, as in the last line of LG phones, but with a simpler, less appreciable design.

LG Jesse from last year – which we present – was not the same phone as the LG G2, with the same specifications, no buttons on the back. No shortage of reasons to think that the new Jesse will have to do with the expected LG G3, of which I spoke during the weekend.