LG Brings First Smartphone with Firefox

LG Fireweb has operating system created by the Mozilla Foundation, 4 inch screen and 5 megapixel camera and competes with cheap smartphones with Android.

LG Brings First Smartphone with Firefox

The first cell phone from LG with Firefox the operating system, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, came to Brazil. As revealed in may by the LG, although other companies such as ZTE and Alcatel One Touch already offer smartphones with the new system, the LG planned to launch your first product with the system in the country before the competitors. This cell phone is now available at BRIDGAT.COM with price of R $449.

According to the online store, LG smartphone features touch screen of 4 inches with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and 16500 colors. The product’s main camera takes pictures with a resolution of 5 megapixels and shoots with VGA resolution, which results in low quality videos, but is common in low-cost phones.

The product weighs 122 grams and supports only one chip, in addition to hit the market with some preloaded apps such as Facebook and Twitter. The product has Wi-Fi and 3 g, plus GPS, and 2 GB internal memory (expandable via microSD memory card up to 32 GB). The product is sold only in black color.

In may, when the rumors that LG would launch your first smartphone with Firefox in Brazil began, sources close to the negotiations stated that the name of the new product would be LG LEO. At the time, the LG and the Mozilla Foundation had no comment, while the plans Alive denied the existence of negotiations with LG on the appliance.

In addition to the LG, Alcatel One Touch model with Firefox should arrive soon to Brazil. The operator confirmed the arrival of both devices by means of communication, but the site still does not allow users to see the price of the product, which is not yet available for sale.

According to the Book/Alive, the Firefox app store the account with 50 applications developed in Portuguese, including Ita, chicken Pintadinha, Takeoff, Climatempo and the iG ‘s official application .

New bet

The LG Fireweb is the first phone from a major manufacturer with Firefox the system to hit the market. In February, the ZTE announced the Open, a cell phone with touch screen of 3.5 inches, 512 MB of internal memory, 3.2 megapixel camera and 1 GHz processor, the ZTE Open reached the stores in Spain, through the Book, in July this year.

Shortly after the release of ZTE Open, LG had already expressed interest in developing a mobile with Firefox. During the Mobile World Congress, the company said it would launch a product in the future, but did not disclose the likely release date. Other manufacturers like Alcatel One Touch, Huawei and Sony Mobile, also plan to announce their first models with FirefoxOS soon.

In early October, Mozilla reported to the Brazilian market that was about to take the next steps to expand the availability of devices with Firefox ALL around the world. In a statement to the press, the Foundation stated that Brazil would receive the first smartphones with Firefox until the end of the year, but did not specify what would be the first models to reach the Country.

The new smartphone from LG is already among the 27 brand models benefit from law of right, in which the Brazilian Government exempt from PIS/Cofins appliances that meet minimum requirements. In accordance with the Ordinance No. 87, smartphones need to run an operating system that allows the creation of third-party applications, in addition to browser and email client. The product must also have touch screen or Qwerty standard physical keyboard, Wi-Fi connections and 3 g/4 g. The price to the consumer must be less than R $1500.

The system

Firefox OS is an operating system created by the Mozilla Foundation, the same one that has developed the Firefox browser, and released in January 2013. The open-source system was fully developed based on HTML5. This technology allows you to create applications that run on the web itself, using open standards. With this, users do not depend only on the applications made available in stores, like Google Play or the App Store.

The system has the support of Telephone operator and, in February, won the support of 17 carriers, many of which are global groups. Other cell phone manufacturers also invest in open source systems to compete with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Among them are the Canonical, who created the UbuntuOS; Samsung and Intel, with the Citizen; and the Jolla, with Sailfish, a system derived from the MeeGo.