LEDBulbBay: E27 LED Replacement for 75-WattBulbs

It remains interesting for LEDBulbBay in the new year. Fresh for the start of the year, there are already the first innovation in the product range. Now LEDBulbBay offers one of the most powerful LED lamps models that currently exist in the form of light bulb: an E27 LED bulb, which produces 12 Watt 1080 lumens and is thus as bright as a 75-watt incandescent bulb-at least.

LEDBulbBay E27 LED Replacement for 75-WattBulbs

New E27 bulb consumption of only 12 Watts and saves a lot of this electricity and CO2. And “new” has an advantage: with around 13 euros, there’s them at LEDBulbBay the absolute low price! Thus their use pays off doubly. A glance shows that in the balance sheet.

112 Euro savings equivalent to energy saving bulb

With daily, three-hour burn time, a power consumption of 13,14 arises at a power of 12 Watts kWh. This makes annual electricity costs amounting to 3.68 euros on an average kilowatt-hour price of 28 cents. We include the acquisition price of 12.99 euros and the service life of up to 50,000 hours into account, significant savings arise even compared with comparable energy-saving lamps.

Philips Softone has lumens for example also 1080 and costs about half with about 6 euros. However she needed 20 Watts of power and has only 10,000 hours. Instead of an LED bulb for 12.99 euros, you need five energy-saving lamps of this type for the same amount of emitted light! Cost: 30 euro. In contrast, you save €112, 400.00 kWh of energy, or 72 kilos of CO2 with the LED bulb, with three hours of daily burning time, over their entire life cycle.

Drop-in replacement for immediately bright light

AND: the new LED bulb is really bright so that her “little sister”, the 10-Watt model with 800 lm, often already sufficient in areas such as kitchen or hallway. The light color warm white 3000 Kelvin is very pleasant – also because of the frosted glass cover – and reaches full brightness immediately. The high RA/CRI value of > 80 RA will ensure that the colors of the environment realistically be reproduced. Because the higher the color rendering index, the more accurate is the color reproduction of the environment. Since the pear-shaped LED lights primarily to the front and to the side, also the viewing angle is important. He is 180 degrees at our new entry and therefore has an all-round coverage effect lamps with reflector housing.

Another advantage is not shorten of the life of LED bulb by frequent switching processes.Screw the LED bulb can be normal in every E27 base. Wherever is place where earlier a power guzzler drive mischief diameter 59 mm and a length of 118 mm. Official website: LEDBulbBay