Led Lights

Today is our exceptionally times not beam angle, light color and co., but alone the design of LED lamps. This played a not unimportant role for a harmonious room impression. Not always, it is however easy to see which model fits well, better or more not right off the bat. Therefore we have compiled a small Lamps-guide which is intended to show what LED lamps you visually correctly are in your style of living .

The Perfect LED Lamp For Your Establishment Taste

Casual-Casual Course

With its natural colours and Materialine, the casual style radiates cosiness and waive strict design rules and exactly symmetrical lines. Focus soft surfaces and natural materials such as wood or wrought iron, complemented by the antique or vintage-style accessories. To fit:

  • LED lamps in warm colours and
  • with clean design
  • Models with metal elements in brushed nickel or bronze
  • Models in earth tones or
  • unusual lights in the Driftwood look.


The modern style of living has corners and edges. With its symmetrical shapes and cool materials such as glass, stainless steel, concrete or plastic, he seems clean and tidy.Flat furniture, often sets the tone in high gloss. The colours black, grey and white – dominated punctuated by the one or the other striking color accent. Also the LED lamps should be correspondingly pure. For example simple pendant lights, LED recessed spots as well as simple shapes and exclusive silver, chromium and/or acrylic glass surfaces are well suited. Here at iTypeUSA you can get more different models and styles.


The ethnic style is colorful. Bright wall colors are here combined with decorative from all over the world, whether African-inspired fabrics, bowls with Oriental ornaments or Buddha figure. So all this has not to messy, focus is usually on a topic.

When choosing a lamp you can draw still with ethnic style from a rich collection that fits the natural furniture made of rattan, dark wood or bamboo Moroccan lamps with fine ornaments and lots of gold as well as African basket lamps or Asian lanterns made of rice paper, cypress wood and bamboo.

Neo Classic

This elegant and timeless style is based on the classical forms of Greek and Roman antiquity: elegant and with a touch of luxury. Dark wood furnishings are typical marble floors, Persian carpets and rich fabrics such as velvet or Brocade. (Crystal) chandelier but also simple column lamps with matching, symmetrical shade fit perfectly in a such Interior.


Here, the functionality in the foreground is very clearly: simple and straightforward. Accordingly also the lamps should put a certain “rough robustness” of the day: with smooth steel surfaces, practical hinged arms, antique copper or hammered finish. Self

  • old ship lamps,
  • reconditioned factory lamps or
  • The fundus Theater lights

be optimal here.

Which Style Is Always Yours:

Choose an LED lamp that it complements and blends harmoniously into the room. Color accents are allowed, the style should fit, however, and remain faithful to the chosen line. And the matching bulb, you get affordable LED bearing.